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 The Prayer

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PostSubject: The Prayer   The Prayer Icon_minitimeSat Apr 26, 2008 5:03 pm

Most of the members of the order had returned to their chambers and quarters for the night. At this point, Sol'arah was alone in the big, beautifully illuminated church.

She wanted to be alone with her thoughts.

Putting down the short-sword and shield by her sides, she kneeled in front of the altar, her plate-clad legs creaking in doing so. Even if it was only light armour, it felt heavy on her. Worse yet, tomorrow she'd have to wear shoulder plates, as well.
A fine line in the right side of her mouth drew as she though of it. Her, shoulder plates? The thought itself invited her to laugh. This was no time for funnies, though. And she was not in the mood. Placing her hands on the altar's smooth surface, she closed her eyes and pursed her lips, letting out a soft whistling sound.

"... I pray we'll be successful, I pray for our victory, I pray we'll win this our battle, I pray no-one shall fall, I pray for the souls of our enemies...", she started, her words softly carried away into the silent, holy embrace of the church. Outside the moon shone brightly, and the light shone through the mosaic-window, casting strange shadows on her face. As the light met her snow-white hair it lit up into a silvery, shiny aura around her head.

She continued praying for a while. At last she finished, and exhausted she put her head on the cool stone-altar, closing her eyes. Her Faith was strong. She knew they could win this battle. She knew they would. Maybe she should go out now and polish her armour, and perhaps sharpen her blade, too, a little extra preparation wouldn't hurt...

Seconds later she slept soundly, her forehead resting against the altar's smooth edge.
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The Prayer
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