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 Stellagrad Barracks

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PostSubject: Stellagrad Barracks   Stellagrad Barracks Icon_minitimeSun Apr 27, 2008 4:37 am

((A small warning, some Crimson Star Weapons require medium class Technology feat))

Troyev Hussar KB4
Requisition Required: 2000
Feat Rating: Low Class Technology
Damage Rating: 1-2%
Critical Chance: 0%
Weapon Class: Flintlocke Musket
Description: During the war of Crimsonia in After Era 1455 the royal corsairs wanted an efficently mass produceable weapon capable of outnumbering the other civil war factions, the result was the Troyev Hussar KB1, an old standard issue musket that became the most effective mass produced weapon ever, even now, hundreds of years onwards, its newest model, the KB4 continues its legacy as the most mass produced musket argueably in the world.

GRT12 Yvenko Alexander
Requistion Required: 4000
Feat Rating: Medium Class Technology
Damage Rating: 5%
Critical Chance: 1%
Weapon Class: Bolt Action Rifle
Description: Although the Hussar before it was an efficent mass produced weapon it was never truley classed as the greatest of Crimson Star's finest, while not as highly produced, the Yvenko Alexander was made to replace the Musket as the first mass produced Bolt Action Rifle, due to its deadlier efficency, often it is the preffered choice of the more wealthy commoners conscripted into the Crimson Star.

Gargoyev Hussar Blade
Requisition Required: 500
Feat Rating: Low Class Technology
Damage Rating: 2%
Critical Chance: 5%
Weapon Class: Falcion
Description: During the civil war of After Era 1455, Crimsonia fell into a highly chaotic state of mindless conflict, a solution was needed, and found in the inventor Yuri Gargoyev who created an efficent mass produced sword for the royal corsairs benefit, even now, his famed brand has been the popular choice of many Crimson Star veterains for a long time, perhaps as a sense of tradition or pride.

Harkov Imperia T3
Requistion Required: 60'000 + 50 CCCP Insignia's
Feat Rating: Medium Class Technology
Damage Rating: 100%
Critical Chance: 0%
Weapon Class: Flamethrower
Description: Rather the least of mass produced weaponry in the CCCP armoury as a whole, the Harkov is a fatally wounding short distance flamethrower intended to elminate defencive lines and entrenchments, while its functionality isnt the most effective due to its flame canisters being exposed, it is a deadly weapon in the field of war.

Novayaiev Krosk Balisika
Requsition Required: 20'000 + 10 CCCP Insignia's
Feat Rating: Medium Class Technology
Damage Rating: 50%
Critical Chance: 25%
Weapon Class: Portable Heavy Gattling Gun
Description: The pride of anti infantry weapons in the Crimson Star armoury, this medium distance Gattling pack becomes the destroyer of all human life infront of it, almost nothing has ever survived the speedy force of the Krosk and its endless volley of bullets ripping apart their frail bodies.

Requisition Required: 10 (per 100)
Feat Rating: None
Damage Bonus: 1%
Critical Chance: 0%
Description: the Borskit was a simple pellet designed to tear through lightly armoured if not none armoured targets, it doesnt seem to have any special properties other than this.

Requisition Required: 110 (per 100)
Feat Rating: None
Damage Bonus: 3%
Critical Chance: 0%
Description: Intended mostly for rifles and lightly automated weapons, the Iyenkov was simply designed as a mass production bullet with a blunt tip, while not effective against alot of targets, its certainly more useful than its lesser the Borskit.

Lashagrad Combat Uniform
Requistion Required: 1000
Feat Rating: Tier 2 Armour Required
Defence Level: 0
Defence Bonus: 10%
Magical Defence Bonus: 0%
Zeal Defence Bonus: 0%
Shield Level: 0
Description: Lashagrad industries created a profit in the development of a light but easily craftable winter uniform for the harsh winters of Crimsonia, the result was their prize winnig Combat Uniform, a standard issue uniform to every conscript of Crimonia designed for some very light ressistance against small or weak sharp objects, perhaps even a few lighter blunt ones, however, not intended to ressist anything heavier, this was more or less built for mass production.

Royal Corsair Uniform
Requisition Required: 50'000 + 25 CCCP Insignia's
Feat Rating: Tier 3 Armour Required
Defence Level: 5
Defence Bonus: 50%
Magical Defence Bonus: 10%
Zeal Defence Bonus: 10%
Shield Level: 0
Description: this prize winner of the Crimson Star armoury was built by the Royal Corsair's themselves, the victors of the great civil war had many crafted more intentionally for nobles and veterains saving a fortune for such a fassionable peice of defence, equipped with a plate guard at the front it makes it a formidable defencive item yet also designed to be manuverable due to the plate being attached to a light leather tunic in the fassion of the royal corsair's military uniform.
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Stellagrad Barracks
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