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 Musaied Black Market

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PostSubject: Musaied Black Market   Musaied Black Market Icon_minitimeSun Apr 27, 2008 5:37 am

((Profficencies vary amoung this group, you've been warned))

GRT12H Yvenko Mamluk
Requistion Required: 6000
Feat Rating: Medium Class Technology
Damage Rating: 5%
Critical Chance: 5%
Weapon Class: Bolt Action Rifle
Description: Built as a clone of the Alexander class rifle yet given a more highly accurised barrel the Mamluk is a combat ready production rifle often found on sale in the black market as a replacement for the Alexander's lesser accuracy.

Harvk Tsar Samaritan K20
Requisition Required: 8000 + 10 CCCP Insignia's
Feat Rating: Medium Class Technology
Damage Rating: 10%
Critical Chance: 3%
Weapon Class: Automatic Rifle
Description: A project between the Crimson Star and the Turqoise Tulip weapon engineers resulted in the construction of the Tsar Samaritan, the first automatic assault rifle in the CCCP armoury, while not the most efficent of assault rifles, it's fast reload rating clip easily made up for its lack of accuracy and pricey amount.

Tai-Kin-Do Sin'hadi
Requisition Required: 6000 + 5 CCCP Insignia's
Feat Rating: Low Class Technology
Damage Rating: 15%
Critical Chance: 5%
Weapon Class: Scimtar Spear
Description: Modified from the Golden Fist Tai-Kin-Do energy blade the tip was removed and replaced with a pair of scimtar edges at the front and back, due to its deadly effectiveness the weapon was classed as an effective long range melee weapon, however due to its illegality it has since only been sold in the Black Market.

Caliph Sultan RLS50
Requistion Required: 70'000 + 60 CCCP Insignia's
Feat Rating: High Class Technology
Damage Rating: 200%
Critical Chance: 0%
Weapon Class: Rocket Launcher
Description: the only unique weapon of the entire Turqoise Tulip armoury to be sold in the Black Market, a deadly and destructive long range rocket launcher that fires a single high explosive weapon capable of devistating an entire platoon with a single shot.

Requisition Required: 500 (per 100)
Feat Rating: None
Damage Bonus: 4%
Critical Chance: 1%
Description: Currently the only bullet in the entire Turqoise Tulip Armoury, manufactured as a simple but effective bullet for mass production reasons , it was also used several times im the notable battle of Kaito Harbor in After Era 1546.

Sandskimmer Cameo Uniform
Requistion Required: 4000
Feat Rating: Tier 3 Armour Required
Defence Level: 3
Defence Bonus: 20%
Magical Defence Bonus: 0%
Zeal Defence Bonus: 0%
Shield Level: 0
Description: During the earliest eras even going before then the Sandskimmers, legendary desert warriors of the Aqua sand, created an effective desert combat uniform capable of enduring even the most blistering heat rays from the sun, the result was their cameoflaged uniform, a lightly armoured yet highly manuverable suit of equipment still created today in the current Turqoise Tulip's ranks.
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Musaied Black Market
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