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 Kaito Harbor

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PostSubject: Kaito Harbor   Kaito Harbor Icon_minitimeSun Apr 27, 2008 6:29 am

((Warning!, alot of High Tech profficency is required for this faction, you have been warned))

Jan-Sao-Feng Type 45
Requistion Required: 10'000 + 10 CCCP Insignia's
Feat Rating: High Class Technology
Damage Rating: 10%
Critical Chance: 30%
Weapon Class: Automatic Rifle
Description: Built in the After Era of 1744 During the Second Age Of Steam, the Type 45 was created to be an effective combat weapon in all situations, this perfectly built item has almost no flaws and a highly stable accuriser too, it was built for the perpous of entertaining the prime minister's curiousity of firearms plan and passed with flying colours for a reason thus it has been developed since as a low production rate firearm for expensive buyers.

Quai-Shin-Zu Type 61
Requisition Required: 25'000 + 25 CCCP Insignia's
Feat Rating: High Class Technology
Damage Rating: 40%
Critical Chance: 60%
Weapon Class: Gauss Gun
Description: The recently built Type 61 was built for the perpous of eliminating the technological competition from the market, this weapon currently the deadliest of its kind is capable of penetrating an entire row of light militia without them even realising they've been killed, deadly, efficent and accurised for its beneficial perpouses all at a pricey range in exchange for its production.

Requisition Required: 60'000 + 60 CCCP Insignia's
Feat Rating: High Class Technology
Damage Rating: 80%
Critical Chance: 20%
Weapon: Energy Spear
Description: During the last reign of the two emperors of the Golden Fist, the Imperial Leigon braught in their deadliest weapon to insure the cooperation of the peasants, the Tai-Kin-Do is a long range energy spear using twohundred thousand kilowats of power to create a pure energy beem edge designed to cut clean through its foe without any form of trouble or errors, designed to be efficent in pure long range melee force, at a highly steep price as the market requested.

Requisition Required: 100'000 + 100 CCCP Insignia's
Feat Raating: High Class Technology
Damage Rating: 100%
Critical Chance: 60%
Weapon: Energy Blade
Description: Made almost specifically for the two emperors this weapon was built so rarley that only a few high bidders have ever aquired one, designed to cut through dragonian skin like it was tissue paper, it was built to be of perfect quality, just like every other Sao-Shin Cooperative products, This weapon has no equal in terms of medium range melee combat.

Requisition Required: 4000 + 4 CCCP Insignia's (per 100)
Feat Rating: Medium Class Technology
Damage Bonus: 10%
Critical Chance: 10%
Description: The only item created by the Tao Manufactory for the perpous of being a standard issue Golden Fist bullet, literally every bullet is engraved with the emblem of the Golden Fist as was requested by the late Prime Minister Shin-Zao-Fei before his passing in After Era 1709.

Dai-Kwai Assault Armour
Requistion Required: 40'000 + 40 CCCP Insignia's
Feat Rating: Tier 6 Armour Required
Defence Level: 10
Defence Bonus: 90%
Magical Defence Bonus: 40%
Zeal Defence Bonus: 40%
Shield Level: 5
Description: During the battle of Kaito Harbor a suit of armour was crafted to perfection by the Kaito Shipping Company, as a result, Dai-Kwai armour was built to supply the Imperial Leigon and fuel their fire against the revolt which consiquentally lead to its defeat, this armour was key to playing that part, almost impenetrable with Dragonium built into its plating to make it even more solidified, however, at the cost of mobility the armour was given a slight reduction in its price for its small weakness.
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Kaito Harbor
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