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Welcome to Are Rorrim the fictional world filled between fantasy and cyberpunk alike, a variation for everyone weather you like guns or sorcerors you will be bound to find something of interest :)
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 Kienara - Elf Magister

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PostSubject: Kienara - Elf Magister   Kienara - Elf Magister Icon_minitimeSun Apr 27, 2008 7:34 am

Name: Kienara (Haven't thought of a surname yet)
Race: Elf
Gender: Female
Class: Magister
Faction: None yet. (Soon, though)

Appearance: She has light brown hair, tied in a ponytail. Usually she can be seen wearing a simple blue dress, but sometimes she wears pants and a blouse, to allow for faster movement. This is most often when she isn't in town. She also carries with her a small leather bag, containing different things, such as survival equipment, clothes, food and/or water, and other stuff.
She often has a smile on her mouth, but her eyes are always serious, and she watches her surroundings carefully.
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Kienara - Elf Magister
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