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 The Court Of War

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PostSubject: The Court Of War   The Court Of War Icon_minitimeSun Apr 27, 2008 7:36 am

((Most of The Black Rose gear favours medium tech so one doesnt need to worry too much
If your not afraid of evil, that is Twisted Evil ))

Grausberg Mark III
Requistion Required: 6000 + 6 CCCP Inisgnia's
Feat Rating: Medium Class Technology
Damage Rating: 20%
Critical Chance: 25%
Weapon Class: Bolt Action Rifle
This standard issue rifle was given to the early Ministry of War as a demonstration initially, however, the Ministry decided its effectivness was so useful they began mass production in early After Era 1540, Effectivly, this weapon was loved dearly for its deadly accuracy, though despised for its reasonably slow reload rate.

Heinsmarch Mark VI
Requisition Required: 8000 + 12 CCCP Insignia's
Feat Rating: Medium Class Technology
Damage Rating: 40%
Critical Chance: 25%
Weapon Class: Sub Machine Gun
Description: Based on the design of an earlier model, the Heinsmarch was replaced by its later sixth veriation, aside from being able to carry an astonishing Eight magazines, it has also been equipped with a secondary mode allowing the user to ignite a fusilage underneeth each magazine, turning all eight into an effective shotgun explosive weapon, it was designed for the perfect all perpous short and medium range weapon.

Jagerfaust Mark I
Requistion Required: 4000 + 2 CCCP Insignia's
Feat Rating: Medium Class Technology
Damage Rating: 10%
Critical Chance: 20%
Weapon Class: Hand Held Pistol
Description: The automatic reloading Jagerfaust was funded during After Era 1700 exactly when Heinz Jagerfaust created a revolutionary automated piston trigger reloader, designed for an efficent killing process, preffered amoung the young nobles of the Black Rose due to its reasonable accuracy.

Ferdinand Rapier
Requisition Required: 2000 + 1 CCCP Insignia
Feat Rating: Low Class Technology
Damage Rating: 5%
Critical Chance: 40%
Weapon Class: Rapier
Description: Made by the proud smithing family House Ferdinand this standard issue rapier is suited only for the fine nobility of the black rose, rarley does anyone other than a black rose member carry one of these well crafted weapons, medium ranged and deadly in their edge the Ferdinand was forged to be the perfect all rounder for rapier combat.

Grausliner Kombat Letter Opener
Requisition Required: 500
Feat Rating: Low Class Technology
Damage Rating: 2%
Critical Chance: 50%
Weapon Class: Knife
Description: It was not as popular as the Ferdinand but built to be efficent, efficent at killing, the Grausliner is an allperpous army knife and many other accesories including its famed name, the Letter Opener, designed more as an item rather than a weapon it is rarley used as a combat weapon amoung Black Rose soldiers, but it is not unheard of to see one being used either.

Blitzfaust Mark XI
Requistion Required: 90'000 + 98 CCCP Insignia's
Feat Rating: Medium Class Technology
Damage Rating: 70%
Critical Chance: 20%
Weapon Class: Portable Rocket Launcher
Description: the Blitzfaust was one of the most disliked of CCCP weapons, due to its tender unreliablity and its irritating weight it became a huge drawback to their movement, however, due to recent changes, the armoured Blitzfaust Mark XI has become a far more acceptable version, capable of providing its user with a frontal defence bonus the current Blitzfaust outweighs it former cons by becoming a portable shield with a rocket launcher on the front of it, thus making it an effectivly useful death dealer.

Varsung Hauslander
Requisition Required: 6000 + 2 CCCP Insignia's (per 100)
Feat Rating: Medium Class Technology
Damage Bonus: 5%
Critical Chance: 15%
Description: As the pride of the Hauslands ammo types the Hauslander clip is often the most favourable amoung nobles, designed to fit into every type of clip based weapon there are smaller and larger veriants for versitile combat, due to its sharpened bullet edge it is often favoured amoung many Black Rose nobles who desire an effective killing bullet with the name of their enemy soon to be engraved upon it.

Requisition Required: 10'000 + 10 CCCP Insignia's (per 1)
Feat Rating: Medium Class Technology
Damage Bonus: 20%
Critical Chance: 10%
Description: These items are often used as ammo for the Blitzfaust Mark XI to further amplify its damage from the normal Shriekland rocket which simply pummels the enemy with rather unattractive highly explosive rounds, thus to a Black Rose, the more damage the weapon does, the more effective it has become.

Hauslands Standard Uniform
Requistion Required: 1000
Feat Rating: Tier 2 Armour Required
Defence Level: 0
Defence Bonus: 1%
Magical Defence Bonus: 0%
Zeal Defence Bonus: 0%
Shield Level: 0
Description: As the Black Rose sees equal opertunities amoung all members of the CCCP this uniform is often worn amoung their nobles as a fassion design rather than an actual combat suit, however, it has been known that during desperate times the standard uniform has been warn into combat for dire reasons alone.

Hausland Ministerial Korps Uniform
Requistion Required: 20'000 + 80 CCCP Insignia's
Feat Rating: Tier 3 Armour Required
Defence Level: 5
Defence Bonus: 30%
Magical Defence Bonus: 50%
Zeal Defence Bonus: 50%
Shield Level: 0
Description: Favoured specifically for nobles, this uniform was fassioned as a fine design able to ressist formidable blows from its foes and also take quite a reasonable amount of damage too, the leather it was fassioned from was infact the hide of a young drakeion thus Dragonium hide was added to the material to make it almost fullproof against most attacks.
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The Court Of War
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