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 The Classes Of Are Rorrim

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At the moment as were still in basics there will only be five classes, for now.

Armour Tiers: each level from 1-6 ranges from a type
1. Rags, and simple robes
2. Simple cloth robes, possibly even slightly armoured cloth rags
3. Lighter Leathery armours with more advanced studs later
4. Heavy leathery armour, ranging all the way to laced leather/Mail hybrids
5. Mail armour even being combined with some plate armours
6. Plate armour, going all the way to divine class armour


The Vanguard
Assigned role: (in terms of combat wise) Tanking
Some background: Vanguards are concidered warriors of fearless proportion, they carry a single weapon and a shield against endless rows of foes massacuring at will untill they fall or their foes do
Vanguards can wield twohanded weapons aswell as one handed ones, but its not recommended, Vanguards are efficently able to wield shields, even Dual wield shields, and one handed weaponry, however, Vanguards cannot use ranged weaponry
Vanguards can use Tier 6 class armour, meaning they have no restrictions as to what type they wear

The Magister
Assigned Role: Magical DPS/DoT/DD
Some Background: Magisters often regarded as magical users use their powers with caution, unlike their nemesis the Sorceror they carefully use their powers with concideration of how they might effect the world
Magisters drawback is their limited weaponry, they cannot use anything other than wands, staves, daggers and short swords
The Magisters greatest achilies heel is that they are only able to wield Tier 2 class armour, making them very vulnerable to physical damage

The Chaplain
Assigned Role: Healing, DoT, Some Tanking, AOE Auras
Some Background: A Chaplain is concidered a preacher of divine or defiling idealisms, however, despite this, they are not just a simple prayer of faith, they can also heal wounds or tourture souls, and even go as far as wearing some reasonably tough armour
Chaplains can wield a single one handed weapon and a single shield, however, they cannot wield anything else unfortunatley
Chaplains can go up to a reasonable armour value of Tier 5 making them formidable at taking damage aswell as dealing smaller amounts of it

The Ranger
Assigned Role: Ranged DPS, DD
Some Background: Rangers are concidered the masters of the wilds, often they know exactly where to travel weather it be the wilderness or urban terrain, rangers never lack pathfinding abilities, aside from that, rangers carry long ranged weaponry capable of raining death upon their foes from a long distance, while limited to their close range weaponry, rangers are the deadliest of long ranged foes
Rangers can use every single Physical, ranged weapon available (meaning nothing too magical unless racially they have exceptional reasons) however, rangers lack melee dramatically and thus as a result can only dual wield knives and swords of the one handed veriation
Rangers can reach a reasonable Tier 4 class of armour, although not quite as high as they might hope this armour is pretty endurable against even reasonably lethal weapons

The Noble
Assigned Role: Melee/Ranged DPS hybrid
Some Background: Nobles are concidered highly valued amoung the lines of wealth and status, they often possition themselves with high regard and class themselves as arrogant, some concider them pompus because of this but nobles rarley ever care for the opinions of "peasants" they are deadly efficent with their graceful melee combat styles aswell as their ever so cunning ranged weaponry
Nobles are able to vary themselves in quite a versitile way, they can wield a single melee wepaon and a single one handed ranged weapon of their choice, including their most favoured combination, rapiers, and guns, however, they may not dual wield either, or wield a twohanded weapon, nor can they use shields
As a well dressed noble should be, they can only wear Tier 3 class armour, thus meaning nobles are often put into a slight disadvantage when it comes to heavier firepower used agains them, however, it doesnt make them compleatly helpless against say lighter melee and ranged weaponry

The Gladiator
Assigned Roll: High Melee Dps
Some Background: Gladiators are champions of the arena, kings and queens alike of the warriors gauntlet, and rulers of melee combat, Gladiators are unrivaled in their vicious speed and brutal assaults and to make things even more interesting they are able to wield reasonably heavy armour aswell, however, all of this at the price of their knowladge of ranged weaponry, like any barbarian, a Gladiator lacks heavy defence, and thus becomes a speedy, but vulnerable target.
Gladiators are able to wield any one handed melee weapon they see on a battlefield, however Gladiators cannot wield shields, cannot carry twohanded weapons, and most of all, cannot use ranged weaponry, at all.
Gladiators due to their combat nature always require tough armour, thus it is they are given access to Tier 5 class armour as a result of their hard efforts to survive in the toughest of enviroments, these fast moving swordsmen rush into the heaviest of combat zones with the lightest of heavy armour.

The Sorceror
Assigned Roll: AOE, Nuking
Some Background: Sorcerors are concidered the bane of their rivals the Magisters, they often have no concideration at all for the consiquences of the catastrophe their magic can do, but also tend to be walking batteries on a short fuse because of this, due to the sheer insasiable amounts of power, Sorceros often require some resonable defence to keep themselves alive too.
Sorcerors can dual wield one handed Swords, Knives, and thats about it, aside from this, they can also dual wield a staff and a one handed weapon, but unlike magisters, they have no need for pointless toys like wands.
Sorcerors unlike Magisters do not enjoy the concept of being a walking target in a robe, and thus often are found wearing Tier 4 class armour because of this, not only can they endure a medium beating but also send out heavy firepower to counter this, however, Tier 4 doesnt make them entirley invulnerable, thus Sorcerors are always aware they must be ready to flee from a battle then the going gets tough.

The Outlaw
Assigned Roll: Melee/Ranged DPS Hybrid
Some Background: Outlaws, the bane of Nobles, are often regarded as the lesser bandits that traverse the land with little agenda, however, they are certainly not to be underestimated, not all outlaws are of banditry, simply chivilrous fighters willing to break a few rules to do the right thing, often they're concidered versitile fighters and even resort to throwing their own weaponry at the enemy to win, their dirty combat usually secures them a swift yet subtle victory.
Outlaws can wield one handed crossbows at most, unfortunatley being lower tech in range than Nobles, however, compensating for this by being able to wield heavier melee weaponry than their counterparts they use the viciously famous Scimtar and Falcion to eliminate their rivals and other foes alike.
Outlaws have only a small regard for what they wear, usually they take what they find, but unfortuantley only seem profficent enough in wisedom to wield Tier 3 armour just like their rivals, this means that they can endure some medium blows, but still have the versitility to swiftly evade the heaviest of them through cunning use of their evasive fighting.

Future Classes:
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The Classes Of Are Rorrim
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