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 Alashir Vanadiel the IV

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PostSubject: Alashir Vanadiel the IV   Alashir Vanadiel the IV Icon_minitimeSun Apr 27, 2008 8:50 am

((Soon to come: A drawing of her made by me :3 well, as soon as my silly scanner works again .-.))

Name: Alashir Vanadiel the IV
Gender: Female
Title: None (yet)
Race: Daemoniac
Class: Noble
Faction: The Shining Illuminates

Her Skin is rather pale, probably due to her vast self-experimentation. Her body is slender, making her seem taller than she really is. Her Hair is a shade of Deep Red, almost black, usually hanging loose down to her shoulders. Her eyes are completely dark, apart from the Irises which glow eerily white. Next to her left Eye is a small pattern that looks vaguely like ".3".

She wears clothes befitting to her Faction, such as Black Leather gloves and Boots, both with ornamental Studs on them. She wears a cloth Robe, which just about reaches her Knees and flutters in the Wind, accentuating her Legs and Hips.

A simple polished Rapier, a rusty looking Gun aswell as several Bags with flasks and what seem to be needles is all she currently carries with her.

Behaviour: She is an observer, her eyes keenly focusing on other people's faces and postures instead of speaking. She often has a serious, maybe even cold expression on her Face.
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Alashir Vanadiel the IV
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