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 Trimotin Silverarrow

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PostSubject: Trimotin Silverarrow   Trimotin Silverarrow Icon_minitimeSun Apr 27, 2008 11:10 am

Name: Trimotin Silverarrow
Faction: Order Of The Holy Flame
Race: Elven
Class: Ranger

Trimotin wears dark leather armor, strapped to him by what appear to be vines, all his armor seems to be made quite naturally using no tailored stuff, he wears a mask made out of leather also, covering his face and hair. His eyes look at you coldly, almost like death.

His cloak seems to be the only part of his outfit tailored, its dark black with a hood on it, under his armor, you may get random glances of thin metal, he has two small daggers attached to a black leather belt.

His quiver seems to be always full with arrows, his bow strapped to his back, he carries a black bag attached to his leg, (strapped on) full of explosives and other small traps.


Trimotin is a silent time, his face keeps covered, for a reason (Might be revealed in the RP if you get his mask off him Razz) he never attacks without reason, and is a very loyal partner, befriends most animals that are around the wild.
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Trimotin Silverarrow
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