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 An Overview Of The Factions And Their Advantages/Disadvantages

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An Overview Of The Factions And Their Advantages/Disadvantages Empty
PostSubject: An Overview Of The Factions And Their Advantages/Disadvantages   An Overview Of The Factions And Their Advantages/Disadvantages Icon_minitimeSun Apr 27, 2008 12:29 pm

An Overview Of The Factions And Their Advantages/Disadvantages The_az11
The Azure Templar:
A mercinary army who take the idealism of working for pay. The Azure Templar are regarded as a neutral faction who take no true side in war. The Templar are divided into three subgroups who each have their own cultural idea of how The Azure Templar really should be. However, all three are in the end united by the fact they are all Templars and thus follow the path of wealthy prosperity for the benefit of each individual group out of an unholy alliance and mutual interest.

Faction Traits:
The Three Virtues: able to use zeal, technology and magic evenly.
Combat Strategy: Superiour leadership makes The Azure Templar effective at attacking and defending equally.
Faction Curses:
Mercinary Army: Any Azure Templar who is currently in a field of war cannot perform acts of charity.
Always Neutral: Despite their rivalry towards the CCCP they do not concider their rivals a true enemy, simply a competition in the way of business, thus most of the time the Templar's alliance sways as fast as their paid.

An Overview Of The Factions And Their Advantages/Disadvantages Cccp_l10
Client Controll Cooperate Pact:
Ruthlessly driven by the Tyranical Mordred Loreson the CCCP used to be four seperate companies but became forcefully united as one after his vicious tyrany devistated the largest of their armies. Now as one powerful force combined their overwhelming power dwarfs that of each former individual and thus leaves them with the overwhelming superiourity of number, yet even so, their morale will never truley recover from the damage done.

Faction Traits:
Mass Production: Due to their extremely efficent work force the CCCP supplylines are instant regardless of attack or defence.
Dominative Assault: The CCCP forces always gain a bonus while attacking the enemy forces.
Faction Curses:
Lacking Willpower: Due to only small amounts of propaganda, the morale of CCCP forces is often regarded as poor.
"Its easy to be brave behind a wall": CCCP forces are weaker while in defence due to their lack of defencive knowladge.

An Overview Of The Factions And Their Advantages/Disadvantages Nord_c10
These mysterious soldiers dont tend to work as a group, rather individuals who specialise in cautiously planned assaults on their enemies, often NORD agents are the most deadly, given their more efficent self-combat survival skills, but at the price of being the most numerically inferour, and greatly lacking understanding of magic or faith, as protectors of justice, it is their duty to maintain the natural order of things through technological superiourity.

Faction Traits:
Unyielding Morale: NORD soldiers are so highly trained its almost impossible to phase them with taunts or disheartening words.
Technological Superiourity: NORD are equipped with the best of the best, thus making them able to grant higher Technological bonuses to those within their ranks.
Faction Curses:
Anti Religious/Magical: NORD does not favour the use of zeal or magic, thus their always regarded as weaker in both if not unable to use both in some cases.
Numerical Inferiority: NORD always has the smallest force, thus making their units vulnerable against larger forces.

An Overview Of The Factions And Their Advantages/Disadvantages The_sh10
The Shining Illuminate:
A neferious group of nobles who constantly drive each other into long orgies of glamour, dance and song, while on the outside they may appear to be nothing more than lazed and party crazed nobles, on the inside, many of them are deviously deadly, playing mind games with the others around them untill eventually only one dominates them all or silently assasinates the competition, they also worship the power of anarchy, a warping essense that has twisted their once pure minds and taken them from the power of grace.

Faction Traits:
Scholars Of Anarchy: Able to wield the ruinous powers of Anarchy to further increase the power of Magical energy and sorcery.
Mastery Of Deception: Able to disguise themselves as any other factions forces due to their cunning and neferious caution.
Faction Curses:
Fallen From Grace: Incapable of using the power of zeal regardless of any attempt to defy this due to their lack of care for faith.
Overly Confident: Due to their party loving nature they often find themselves caught unaware of attacks due to cockiness, making them poor in defence.

An Overview Of The Factions And Their Advantages/Disadvantages Order_10
Order Of The Holy Flame:
A Zealious order determined to eliminate the evil that is impurity, willing to go to the most extreme cases in order to achieve there aims, the order of the holy flame is concidered a purile force of low tech crusaders who are willing to do what is right no matter the cost, sacrifice and service are their allies, service to the weak who need the aid of the strong to defend themselves, to the Order of the Holy Flame, to protect the innocents is to achieve true justice.

Faction Traits:
Highly Pious: Able to controll the power of zeal greater than any other faction, thus adding to their benefit as they continue to master the Holy Flame
Guardians Of Faith: Their willpower and unnatural determination to do what is right often involves defending the weak against the guilty, thus they are stronger in defence than the other factions.
Faction Curses:
Underpowered Technology: Due to their lack of interest in technological advancements they are not only poorer with Technology but also the slowest to receive suppylines because of it.
Chivalry: They cannot ignore Acts of Charity, often diverting them from their current battlefield even if they try to ressist, the call to aid the innocent is always too great for the Flame.
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An Overview Of The Factions And Their Advantages/Disadvantages
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