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 Zeal, Magic, Technology whats the difference?

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Zeal, Magic, Technology whats the difference? Empty
PostSubject: Zeal, Magic, Technology whats the difference?   Zeal, Magic, Technology whats the difference? Icon_minitimeSun Apr 27, 2008 3:18 pm

Ill go through each individually, this is sort of ooc stuff not really lore stuff, so you grasp a basis of what each one does

first, lets start in the order of the title

Zeal, or the Power Of Zeal:
Zeal is a generated essense of inner spiritual energy, that can conjure the spirits of the gods to the mortal or immortal soul and imbue them with righteous power, Zeal can also be used by the forces of evil to create darker idealisms by forcefully drawing out the power of the divines.

Difference Between Praying and Forcefully Drawing:
When a person prays for zeal they receive the full bonus of the benefit, their able to draw it naturally and summon it from their inner soul, where as if someone draws it forcefully through science, magic, or any other method, it is tainted and defiled, thus only half of the effective power is provided.

What is Zeal used for primarily?:
Zeal's most primary perpous is to heal, to heal wounds, to heal even the most impossible of created injuries, often its basis is to spiritually imbue the soul or body with a healing essense (which certain races cannot receive).

So is Zeal used only for healing?:
No... Zeal is also used for attacking, the power of zeal can be formed into a power of great pious energy which can be used to smite unnatural beings, the power of zeal is often used as a form of weapon against these unnatural essenses, such as magic, or technology for example, some creatures are also vulnerable to the power of zeals more smiting effects due to their own racial mistakes.

In Conslusion:
Zeal is drawn as an essense of faith, basically, it can be used to heal good and smite evil, but also be abused by science or magic to be used against even itself, though never to as great effect as it would be naturally, in the end zeal is driven by faith, and those pious enough, or highly spiritualistic will have stronger zeal than others.


Magic, the Arcane and the Elderich:
Magic is an unstable force of energy that can and very often does corrupt if not handled carefully, there are two types of magical force the first being the safer, the Arcane, the second, the Elderich, being the more dangerous but powerful one.

So how do the two forces work?:
Both are essentially the same but a different level of power, the Arcane is a stable essense of magic while the Elderich has no real stability and becomes highly volatile and even corrupting.

So is only Elderich magic corruptable?:
No, Arcane can also corrupt however, due to the warping nature and unpredictable powers of Elderich the speed of corruption is usually much faster.

Can this affect the health of a character?:
Icly the warping effects of magic, regardless of Arcane or of Elderich can highly affect the future health of a character, such as lowering the duration of their life, call it a form of cancer.

What elements does Arcane magic govern?:
Arcane governs the four basic elements, Ground (Earth), Stratos (Air), Frost (Water) and Flame (Magma), aswell as its own element, the Arcane also known as "The Weave", each of these five elements are wielded by the Magister class creativly and evenly unlike the Elderich which is more dangerously volatile when used combined, the Arcane can be used to a longer extent and a less dangerous extent than the Elderich.

What elements does Elderich magic govern?:
Elderich magic is more dangerous in that it tampers with only three primary essenses, its own power, Elderich, also known as "The Warping Essense", The power of dimension and time known as "Chronomancy" and the power of Chaotic energy known as Vortexology however, unlike Magisters, the Sorcerors who wield this magic can only use one power at a time due to the sheer instability of all three combined.

In Conclusion:
Magic is an essense of anti natural energy weaved by magisters and sorcerors alike who use it to different levels of extent. The truth is, the longer it is used the more corruptive it is, eventually if used compleatly excessivly, the very person's appearence will change to be little more than a warped mirror of their former beauty, thus even though sorcerors use more corruptive power than magisters, both sides equally try to remain cautious on how their powers are used.


Technology, born of humanoids, built by machines:
Often mistaken for quality rather than quantity, Technology is simply something manmade, in basis of construction and design, often it is Technology that influences the corse of battle due to the key that is its power against its quantity, however, just because quality is an effective ally doesnt make it the best one.

What are "Classes" of technology?:
Classes, reprisent the level of technology that each version is viable with, an example being, low class technology ranges from anything from a simple sword to a low class gun such as a flintlocke weapon, where as medium technology is more around periodic bolt action rifles to early modern day equipment, and high class technology goes beyond even that into the more futuristic enviroment of existance.

How do they affect combat?:
Well an example is rather simple, imagine having a crossbow as a low tech user and a, oh, laser gun as a high tech for example, i think it would be natural who wins this one, however, that doesnt mean to say that the laser gun should be concidered immortal, all weapons especially high tech ones have drawbacks.

What are these "drawbacks" persay?:
An example is one weapon might be prone to weapon jamming, or another might be very slow with a reload mechanism, logically, nothing is 100% perfect no matter how perfect it claims to be.

It seems the balance of technology is slightly more effective towards certain factions than others, is that to say that those factions are compleatly helpless?:
No, not at all, infact, Technology is after all only one of two other elements, you will probably find that the factions your reffering to often focus much more attention to the other two elements, thus balancing out the power between each side.

In Conclusion:
Technology is simply manmade objects that vary amoung three different classes, however, one should never underestimate a low tech item when a higher tech one might seem more superiour, after all, the lower the tech, often, the less drawbacks it has in contrast to a higher tech item that might be far more dangerous and powerful but far more prone to its side effects.


I Beleieve I have now explained all three in compleate depth, therefore I hope you enjoy this little ooc/ic lore addition Smile
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Zeal, Magic, Technology whats the difference?
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