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 Trimotins Preparation

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PostSubject: Trimotins Preparation   Trimotins Preparation Icon_minitimeMon Apr 28, 2008 9:21 am

Trimotin spent his time doing as he usually did, aiming arrows at the target range, he'd managed to get his skills like that of a sniper, constantly hitting his targets perfectly, if he really focused he'd hit his old arrows.

Pausing as a breeze blew, he looked to the sky closing his eyes, smiling, he reached one final time, shooting an arrow straight up into the air, just watching it for a moment, he grabbed another arrow and shot at the arrow falling to hit him and knocked it of course.

A bird flying over head, flying weak, almost falling as it flies, Trimotin charges for it diving to grab it smashing his shoulder into a statue to grab it safely, he looked down at the injured bird and frowned softly "Poor thing..." he thought to himself "Don't worry... you're safe here." slowly he looked over the bird, checking for any injuries or infections, he spotted a injured wing, or an infection from cut, he looked through his pack, trying to see if there was any potions or ointments for such things ready made.

"None..." he frowned softly, carrying the bird with him, looking around for the berries he needed to make the disinfectant for the wing of the bird. After finding the ingredients and fixing the bird up, it was almost sunset, he took the bird back to his room and left it in a spare cage he had from the other animals he had helped in the past.

Slowly he started to sharpen his arrows laying on his bed, waiting.
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Trimotins Preparation
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