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 The Blessed Armoury

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PostSubject: The Blessed Armoury   The Blessed Armoury Icon_minitimeMon Apr 28, 2008 3:36 pm

((people rarley have to worry about profficiencies here))

Hispana De La Seirs
Requistion Required: 1000+ 100 Blessed Emblem's
Feat Rating: Low Class Technology
Damage Rating: 10%
Critical Chance: 25%
Weapon Class: Long Sword
Description: In After Era 842 during the great crusade of Don Jerando the righteous, a weapon was forged with the blessed ignots of the Holy Forge, the Hispana, intended to be used as Don Jerando's weapon it was handed down due to its inefficency, however, it was far from usless, the weapon is now produced as a standard issue weapon for most new recruits of the Holy Flame as it was back in the crusades, serving as an excelent standard issue melee sword.

Spada De La Purificare
Requisition Required: 5000 + 500 Blessed Emblem's
Feat Rating: Low Class Technology
Damage Rating: 20%
Critical Chance: 50%
Weapon Class: Long Sword
Description: When the great crusade of Don Jerando reached its peak during After Era 867 there was a dire need to find a weapon fitting for Don Jerando's personal guard, the result was the Spada, a swift and efficent longsword mostly designed for a cavalry regiment, this weapon would be used to cut clean the heads of enemy soldiers due to its sharpened edge, however, unlike many swords before it, while its blade edge has always been the sharpest of one handed blades in the Order, it always came with the draw back of its weight being one of the heaviest one handed swords.

Prinze De La Luce
Requisition Required: 20'000 + 2000 Blessed Emblem's
Feat Rating: Low Class Technology
Damage Rating: 40%
Critical Chance: 90%
Weapon Class: Rapier
Description: Long after the great crusade during the inquisition of Masoies, a sword smith named Prinze Luce was asked to craft a weapon capable of peircing even the thickest of the enemies armour, working hard to appease the order he created just the thing, a blessed rapier with the emblem of the holy flame engraved into the side of the hilt. Unfortunatley, he was slain just before he could reach the intended recepient by unknown assasins, as a Maytrdom to his work, they named the weapon after Prinze for his masterpeice of swordmanship.

Martello De La Fiamma
Requisition Required: 10'000 + 1000 Blessed Emblem's
Feat Rating: Low Class Technology
Damage Rating: 60%
Critical Chance: 20%
Weapon Class: Battle Hammer
Description: Martello Fiamma was a famous warrior in the Order Of The Holy Flame, not only this, but he could smith, and his hammer, constantly blessed by the three flames was given his own name as a blessing to him, deciding he wished to repay the kindness given to him, he crafted a second weapon, a one handed battle hammer with an ever glowing flame, no one truley knows how he created such a weapon but the result was perfect, ever since it has been used popularly amoung clergymen and Chaplains of the order.

Guerra Macis De La Santa
Requisition Required: 40'000 + 4000 Blessed Emblem's
Feat Rating: Low Class Technology
Damage Rating: 70%
Critical Chance: 10%
Weapon Class: War Mace
Description: Legend says this powerful twohanded warmace was gifted to the order by the three flames themselves. No one truley knows its origion, however, one thing is certain, it carries a powerful aura of fire surrounding it always burning from its blunt edges and those who have ever wielded one have been said to feel the joy of battle itself due to the sheer power of the weapon, however, it is beleived to be one of the heaviest of the Order's weapons and thus lacks alot of accurate power while it provides a force to be reckoned with.

Freccia Lancio De La Colpiteli
Requisition Required: 30'000 + 3000 Blessed Emblem's
Feat Rating: Low Class Technology
Damage Rating: 30%
Critical Chance: 75%
Weapon Class: Combat Bow
Description: When the masters of the wildnerness were introduced into the Order Of The Holy flame, a young female ranger named Freccia began work on a standard issue bow from the northlands, some disapproved of her actions as ranged weapons were often unheard of amoung the order, however, blessing it with the emblem of the Holy Flame, she was granted the right to produce this weapon en'masse, when wielding it in battle, the Order saw first hand the error of their ways and gladly introduced her kinsmen and her bow into their ranks as a tribute to her efforts.

Pentagramma De La Giustizia
Requisition Required: 50'000 + 5000 Blessed Emblem's
Feat Rating: Low Class Technology
Damage Rating: 20%
Critical Chance: 70%
Spell Power: 60%
Weapon Class: War Staff
Description: While in dissapproval of the use of magic it has not been unknown for rare exceptional reasons that the Order allows magisters and a few other magical users to arrive in their ranks, for this reason a young Magister wishing to proove that faith and magic could work as allies rather than being forced to, crafted a staff made out of an enchanted oak, while using the insignia of the Holy Flame to purify it of corruption, rather surpisingly, his effort paid off and the result was the Pentagramma, a rare staff amoung the order due to its magical properties but still a deadly one to say the least.

Requisition Required: 100 + 10 Blessed Emblem's (per 100)
Feat Rating: None
Damage Bonus: 1%
Critical Bonus: 5%
Description: The Bendetta was made as a simple arrow blessed with the holy flame's purifying essense, its properties are limited, however, it is said to smite impure beings far more efficently than it would normal beings, unfortunatley, due to the orders lack of interest in ranged weaponry, it has only rarley been displayed in combat.

Jerando Purifica Plate
Requisition Required: 200'000 + 20'000 Blessed Emblem's
Feat Rating: Tier 6 armour required
Defence Level: 20
Defence Bonus: 60%
Magical Defence Bonus: 70%
Zeal Defence Bonus: 70%
Description: During the great crusade of Don Jerando the armoursmiths were in dire need of creating a formidable suit of armour able to ressist extremely heavy blows for the holy templar himself, built to be able to take an extremely heavy amount of damage the purified platemail was built in order for Jerando to be appeased, proudly he wore it into battle and as a result, he gave his smiths the right to produce it for only the most righteous of the Order Of The Holy Flame.

Flama La Spanio Plate
Requisition Required: 2000 + 200 Blessed Emblem's
Feat Rating: Tier 5 armour required
Defence Level: 4
Defence Bonus: 20%
Magical Defence Bonus: 10%
Zeal Defence Bonus: 50%
Description: The pride of standard issue armours of the blessed armoury, carrying the drapes of the Holy Flame on either side and a kilt in the same fassion this suit of great armour was built for the perpous of ressisting fassionable blows in a versitile manner while also being capable of being mass produced, it has always been worn amoung most of the Chaplains of the Holy Flame.

Fillandra La Speis Plate
Requisition Required: 5000 + 500 Blessed Emblem's
Feat Rating: Tier 5 armour required
Defence Level: 7
Defence Bonus: 45%
Magical Defence Bonus: 20%
Zeal Defence Bonus: 80%
Description: Under the influence of Don Jerando the smiths created an efficent armour for the Chaplains during the great crusade, his finest craft resulted in the greatest peice of armour for Chaplain and Gladiator alike that faught for the Holy Flame, able to withstand reasonably heavy amounts of beating however, not as heavily enchanted to ressist magical energy as some of its earlier veriations, yet still efficently manuverable and deadly.

Gratos Larissa De Opressa
Requisition Required: 10'000 + 1000 Blessed Emblem's
Feat Rating: Tier 4 armour required
Defence Level: 5
Defence Bonus: 40%
Magical Defence Bonus: 40%
Zeal Defence Bonus: 40%
Description: Well tailored by the finest of the leatherweavers of the armoury, it was designed to be an effective ranger suit, providing swift mobility and even amounts of defence all around, sadly it never reached its full potency but has ever since been the standard issue suit for the most elite members of the Holy Flames archery companies.

Roba Hisano Fathitos La De Marisso
Requisition Required: 20'000 + 2000 Blessed Emblem's
Feat Rating: Tier 2 armour required
Defence Level: 1
Defence Bonus: 10%
Magical Defence Bonus: 90%
Zeal Defence Bonus: 45%
Description: Tailored specifically for Fathitos Marisso, the first magister to be accepted into the ranks of the Holy Flame, this robe was tailor made with the emblem and given a heavy amount of blessing, aswell as being magically enchanted by Marisso himself, as a result, it became an effective magisters robe and has since been used by the few magisters who follow the Holy Flame as a standard issue battle robe due to its powerful ressistance to magic.
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The Blessed Armoury
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