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 The rules of doom!

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The rules of doom! Empty
PostSubject: The rules of doom!   The rules of doom! Icon_minitimeSat Apr 26, 2008 8:27 am

basically... the rues simply are what they say they are....
there are a few atm but there will be more later depending on if rules need to be removed/edited based on public opinion

IC Rules:
1. Everyone (sorry for the more veterains) must start a new character as a new blood, there are "no" exceptions.

2. Stick to the races and classes provided please, going around making your own would be something ill favoured, unless I or another future moderator approves otherwise I as the admin would appriciate it if you stuck to the races and classes.

3. Mary Sue is a term used to describe people whos chars are basically overpowered with the most rediculas lore backgrounds ever, Such things such as "your character was born as the most unbeatable person ever and no matter what happens no one can beat you" never, happened.

4. Stupidity isnt tolerated Icly unless its for some reasonably Logical comedy, such as a person falling over in some humerous way, but "player grasps nostril and pulls out a flower" would result in a face palm.

5. Respect is the key to having a stable RP enviroment, there shall be no "dissing" of other players Icly, no matter if your a casual/hardcore/softcore RPer you are not entitled to insult another persons rp (leave that to the facepalming admin afro )

6. Apsoleutly NO ONE, can rp a film/anime/game/manga/comicbook character at all, no exceptions are allowed, none. However, you may use names to inspire you if you find it difficult to create names of your own, but you may not share the characters personality E.G. "Luke Skywalker" will not be tolerated, but for example "Andrew Skywalker" might be... Might, that is, and even so it will be frowned upon so be warned.

7. Sexual content or graphically displayed violence of an extreme 18+ level is not tolerated Icly, or oocly and will be heavily frowned upon even resulting if a ban if it is not ceased immediatly.

OOC Rules:

1. OOC truley is restricted, in order to use ooc in an Ic channel (which excluding this one, is genuinley ALL of them) one must place OOC: or (( )) before they write something E.G.
A) OOC: hi guys sorry im late
B) ((hi guys sorry im late))

2. I personally will not tolerate ANY evidentially provided harrasment that I see, if you wish to report another player, please dont "whine" over the channel about how they insulted you, we'll solve this as simply and as maturley as possible.

3. You will be banned on sight if you are found guilty of any form of harrasment with the evidence rightfully provided, also, even if you are declared innocent, you have been warned and thus I pray it wouldnt happen again.

4. Optional, having fun and expanding this place is key to its sucsess, so if you would be so kind as to occasionally see if a friend or comrade even a family member might be interested, id be more than happy to welcome them Very Happy

5. Please attempt to avoid double posting if possible, there is an edit button to do this, spamming is annoying but can be avoided thus it is required you avoid it if possible.

So, with that established, please enjoy and respect what has been given to you Smile
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The rules of doom!
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