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 Prince Romano Galia, Heir Of Lunacy

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PostSubject: Prince Romano Galia, Heir Of Lunacy   Prince Romano Galia, Heir Of Lunacy Icon_minitimeThu May 01, 2008 4:53 am

Race: Human
Class: Sorceror
Faction: The Shining Illuminate
Age: 22
His hair, a semi-medium leingth but still short, charcoal black colourtone kept in a rather loose style, sometimes small strands flicker across his perfect diamond blue eyes as his young, warming handsome face gleams in the sunlight. His lips express a constantly wavering smile, almost maddened, with compleate insanity, as do his eyes, with a constantly widened expression of excitement or passion. Below his face lays his silken white trenchcoat, within it lay strands of navy blue lined patterns, aswell as a trim of gold along the outside.
Within his opened trenchcoat one can see his royally woven tunic, a series of buttons leaning towards the point of his belt, each button weaved with a hazel string tied to a series of chesnut buttons, the tunic itself seems to be a silken white.
His belt appears to be an imperial red with a fine layering of golden trims across it, aswell as several fools gold decorative patterns leading to the clip of the belt shaped in the appearence of two wings made of silver metal.
His trosers are that of fine noble cotton laced in a silken white trimming, though before the trosers one would notice his finley made jet black silk leather gloves. Both seem to be woven to surround the entire hand, returning to his trosers, going down to the lowest reach one finally notices his boots, in the same fassion as his gloves, both jet black, blended into his almost entirley white uniform, with a layering of fools gold trimming along the boots.

He is the current reagent lord of all the shining illuminate, so far, his reign of supremecy is unchallanged due to his extreme cunning and trickery, aside from this, some even claim he is the Heir Of The Lunatic God himself.
Rarley is the truth spoken but Romano Galia is certainly not one to be underestimated, often he is addressed simply as Prince Galia due to his controll over the reigon of Galia, which almost stretches to the entire of Grande-Imperia. Due to his sheer superiourity of cunning, disguised by his unlogical madness, Prince Romano Galia is often an enemy to be feared in battle and trembled before in war.

Battle Bonuses:

Madness Of Galia: While Prince Galia is present, the morale of even the strongest faction will waver due to his terrifying presense and powerful prestige.

Lunatics Blessing: Galia can grant unto his servants the power of Elderich energy, warping them into horridly mutated creatures to further benefit them in combat, evening out the odds many a time.

Twisted Benediction: While Prince Galia is present, the morale of The Shining Illuminate soldiers is dramatically increased and some magical power is also increased aswell.

Note: Prince Galia does not count as a character, rather a leader figure, thus fighting him would be concidered insane.
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Prince Romano Galia, Heir Of Lunacy
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