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 Fan Fiction: Written By Nathinios

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PostSubject: Fan Fiction: Written By Nathinios   Fan Fiction: Written By Nathinios Icon_minitimeThu May 01, 2008 6:54 am

We, are the Children of Anyeistra and Lurendrei. The Mother and the Trickster. We are the firstborn, no matter what your legends say.. We are the first sentients in creation. And we’re better than everyone else.

- Eldrai Uthwren

An overview of the Alenver; Written by Walter Sigmund Krausberg the VI


Tricksters, Harlequins, Joker Elves, Travelers and Baby eaters. The Alenver have many different names depending on where you ask. But they are unamiously a subrace of Elves(or as they claim, that the Elves are an racial offshot from them) who have no real territory to call their own so they live in giant caravans that move constantly around the world.
Most consider them to be pests, and road bandits. And it’s generally seen as a bad omen if a Alenver caravan settles near your home. As almost immideatly, bad, if not down right dickish things start happening. They also carry a sense of dread to most other races, none knows why, other than the Alenver themselves. There circulate many rumours, mostly instigated by Humans and the other types of Elves that they steal, eat your babies, and curse you. Indeed, the Alenver are almost natural spellcasters, especially in the psychic schools of magic. They do, however have a remarkably complex culture.
They are organised into three ”houses” as they call them, sort of like clans.. Each of these clans dress differently, and look differently. And tend to have varying internal cultures.

The Druchai: The Smallest, and most martially minded house. They are commonly mercenaries and bandits/pirates. They have pale, to almost white skin and commonly black hair, but a few rare exceptions have white hair. Which is seen as a mark of greatness. They travel mostly in the northern parts, but can be found anywhere working as guards for other Alenver caravans. Their clothing is mostly dark, black and purple being common. Thick heavy robes and cloaks to protect them from the elements.

The Alarai: The largest and most common of the house. Appraised merchants and traders.
They have a fair complexion and usually blonde or light brown haircolours, they travel anywhere they can. They wear what is needed for the climate they travel in but they usually wear bright and gaudy colours. Reds, yellows, blues and whites are preferred.

The Benai: The intermediatly sized house. A bit jack off all trades concerning the other houses. The only house to also deal with slavetrade. They have a tanned skin tone and dark brown hair usually. They travel mostly in the deserts. They wear similar clothing to the Humans in desert landscapes, domnantly coloured in reds and browns.


Their culture dominatly circles around travelling, trade and trickery. The trickery thing seems to be mostly what other races encounter, especially the Elves. It seems they can go to incredible lengths to screw around with other races. The folklore of many people have very good examples of visits from ”The Tricksters”.
Another central part in Alenver culture is the camp, it serves as a place to trade stories, make deals, mock everything non Alenver, have parties and drink. And being with the very social race they are, it is very important indeed.
The family is also important, individualism is prized, but loyalty to ones family comes first. Alenver never truly live alone in their Caravans, several generations can be living under one roof. All from the most ancient to the newborn. In Alenver life, blood is truly thicker than water. Family feuds are common, but rarely take to lethal seriosity. More intrigue, mockery and generally tricking the other family comes to play. When marriage occur, the husband leaves his family in a spectacular party and becomes part of his wifes family. Truly, I don’t think I’ve been to a grander party than an Alenver wedding.
The Alenver also have a strong sense of honor, and fairness. But only to their own kind. They’ll never cheat on a deal, and always price the right price for their own kind. If your non Alenver it’s much different. The Alenver arrogance is also a stuff of legend, they are incredibly convinced that they are better than everyone else, and they use their trickery to show it.
One of the most important, if not the most importan aspect of Alenver life is the so called Play. It is common knowledge Alenver are natural perfomers and always make musical perfomances and set up plays in cities they frequent. But The Play as they call it is a different thing, I never got it truly explained(on the basis that my human mind could not comprehend it.). It’s supposedly keeping up a charade infront of others, mostly other races. To refine your bluffing and acting skills to such a degree that you may appear schizophrenic for a non Alenver. Alenver sense of humour is also widely known for it’s sarcastic twist and mockery.
Alenver: What is the riddle of steel?
Human: I don’t know:
Alenver: Knock Knock
Human: Who’s there?
Alenver: And that is the riddle of steel.

Apperance and Biology

The Alenver are like all Elves unanimously beautiful to us Humans, slender bodies and fine of limb. They stand a few inches taller than most humans averaging on 6.3-6.5 feet for both genders. Eye colours vary from auburn, to violet. With green and blue being the most common.
However what sets them apart from the other Elves is not so much external apperance, but interal. Their jaws can bite with tremendous force, they have fangs in the lower and upper jaw, which, as well as retractable claws on hands and feet. And according to the Alenver, are quite capable of killing. Their eyes also differ from other Elves in that it is more so that of a cats, they reflect light very well and their pupils go from covering almost the entire iris, to thin lines depending on light condition. As seen by those biological adaptations, they are clearly predators. And have a primary meat eating diet. Indeed, some even blame them for eating other sentients, as dissapearences apparantly increase when they are in an area, but they vehemently dissaprove that as it is ”bad for business.”’ Also, Alenver can not breed with other races, and it is an incredibly rare thing for an Alenver to want to sleep with a non Alenver. As they after all, are ”better than everyone else.” But those Alenver that have intercourse outside their race, are all male. No exceptions. The Alenver race is also unevenly split between the sexes, with 64% Being female, and 36% Being male.


The Alenver do not have a standing military as others do, but more guards for the caravans. They however are no less capable warriors for it. The armour of their ”soldiers” is light and flexible, but still durable enough to stand in a firefight, and their firearms are accurate, powerfull and reliable. The Alenver also train and teach much martial arts, it is however more difficult for non Alenver as it is based around the premise of that you have claws on hands and feet, but variants do exist. So, the Alenver ”military” is well made for what they are used for, guarding the caravans. But they are not an army of conquest, so nations with Alenver should not be nervous about them.


Not known to Humans, the Alenver have a very secret, almost wholly unknown commando unit, aptly named the Saryvians. Incredibly dangerous, they wear very light armour, that gives protection of heavier, and personal stealth generators. Combined with training in the use of stealth, they are nigh undetectable. Using what is believed to be a railgun version of the standard Alenver Guardsman rifle, they are also heavily armed. Capable of taking out tanks and other heavyily armored opponents. They are the Alenvers ultimate tool for the job of sabotage, espionage and black ops military works. Incredibly few in number, the range between 10-100 in caravans depending on their size. But that makes them no less lethal.
They exclusively come from House Druchai.


I found out little about their Gods, but it is clear they have atleast two. Anyeistra a form of life and fertility goddess and Lurendrei the god of trickery. How they worship them was not exactly clear, especially Lurendrei. But it seems they sacrifice flowers and foodstuffs to Anyeistra with burning of incense, and Lurendrei, I’m not quite sure. But I believe thats the whole The Play business is about.

The Whispered
The Alenver Sorcerors known as Whispered. They are said to train as an aspect of the Trickster God, Lurendrei. Using the Eldritch to fuel they powers the use telekinetic and telepathic powers to destroy their opponents. From simple mindtricks, to throwing buildings. All this they train to do, but few rise up to the level of throwing actual buildings by force of will alone. The Whispered are few, even though all Alenver are naturally magical, and have an affinity for spellcasting. Very few of them become Whispered, there is about 500 of them at any given time, with the Grand Mistress at top, with her High Masters below, and then Masters, Adepts and Iniates.
Whispered also keep their identity a secret, using masques and taken names, when they show themselves as Whispered. Even among other Whispered. The masque is usually featureless, with just eyes and the shape of the nose. They wear long billowing dark robes in similar colours to House Druchai. However, magic is not their only weapon. They also get military training, and usually carry sidearms and melee weapons.

Reknown Alenver.

Eldrai Uthwren – House Druchai
Perhaps one of the most famous Alenver Sorceror(and also a Whispered High Master) known for his scrying magic.
He has an exceptionally smug and dickish attitude, and an almost omniscent intellect.
His appearance could be said to be –the- Druchai man, with his jet black hair and pale skin, and handsome appearance, in the Alenver way.
Always wears his House Coloured robes and stole CCCP officers cap.
Infamous amongst his kind for the term ”Just as planned.”

Venialith Anarin – House Alarai
The Queen of House Alarai, and de-facto leader of all Alenver on Aerth should they ever become a nation.

The Alenver
Favoured Factions: The Caravan Houses(Primary), The Azure Templar(Secondary)
Least Favoured: NORD
Not Favoured: CCCP, Shining Illuminate, Order of the Holy Flame
Racial Advantages: Agile, Long lifespan,, Naturally magical
Racial Disadvantages: Arrogance, Elven endurance, Elven physique

HOW TO: Playing Guide

1. Make fun of people, not like ”haha your mom” but more, mock and ridicule them. Make Lurendrei proud. Be creative.
2. Bluff, and bluff alot.
3. Trick people, and trick them good.
4. Keep in mind, you’re better than everyone else.
5. Combine 1-3
6. Interacial sex is no go, you need a damn well good explenation even if male, and female... Well, you can forget that.
7. ?????
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Fan Fiction: Written By Nathinios
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