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Welcome to Are Rorrim the fictional world filled between fantasy and cyberpunk alike, a variation for everyone weather you like guns or sorcerors you will be bound to find something of interest :)
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 Melenia Greywell

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PostSubject: Melenia Greywell   Melenia Greywell Icon_minitimeThu May 01, 2008 9:10 am

Race: Human
Gender: Female
Class: Noble
Faction: CCCP

Appearance: She has long brunette hair which she usualy has tied up in a pony-tail reaching down just between her shoulders, she's also usualy seen with a tooth-pick between her lips, some believe she gnaws on it to keep her temper at bay, she's not the one to hesitate with giving someone a beating. Regardless, she's quite the looker, her lips themselves are soft, almost always seen with a red lipstick that goes with her tanned skin, she also has a set of rather deep blue eyes. She wears a slightly worn-out tier 3 style leather outfit. Her face expression and mood can change quite quickly, as cocky as she can be she knows when she has met her match.

Weaponry: She has two revolver holsters attached to her belt, each containing one six-shooter which she so dearly caresses now and then, sometimes merely to scare someone that has gotten on her nerves, to her the six-shooters are more or less a way of life, they also gave her the nickname Melenia "Twelve-Shot" amongst some of the junior privates, her ammo pouch is strapped to her right thigh. She also carries with her a rapier for close-combat means and a dagger in her right leather boot just incase.

Fighting style: She isn't the person who plays with her opponent, she tends to do her kills quick and clean, usualy starting out with her six-shooters, also ending it the same way at most occasions, though it happens that she mocks her opponent as it lies on the floor before finishing off with a shot in the forehead.
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Melenia Greywell
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