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 Hospitaler Saint Catherine Angelo

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PostSubject: Hospitaler Saint Catherine Angelo   Hospitaler Saint Catherine Angelo Icon_minitimeThu May 01, 2008 10:09 am

Race: Human
Age: 19
Faction: Order Of The Holy Flame
Class: Chaplain
The first thing one notices about this goddess of serenity is her mousy blonde hair, almost silvery in its tone, it seems to be medium leingth as it leans delicatley on her two cloth ponsho's. Looking up to her face one sees the kindest and most vibrant of faces in all Aearth, almost the incarnate of beauty and serenity as one, her soft blue eyes radiate with tranquility about them this tranquility ending at the joint to her neck. Attached to her neck is a necklace in the shape of the three Flames, one bronze, one silver and one gold. Softly this necklace falls imbetween her plate cleverage, a solid steel yet proud light plateguard laced in silver emblems partially hidden under both cream coloured ponsho's. Leading downwards we see her tranquil armoured girdle which leads towards her silken leg guards encased in small plate peices around her kneecap and leg reigons.
Her caphtan like her ponsho's gleams in a cream colour surrounded by symbols of the flame in vibrant orange and white, decorative in their design. As minor details go, her hands are encased in some kind of robe sleeve undeneeth the ponsho's but both are bare. Her feet are both gently wrapped in a pair of cream silken boots to compleate her appearence.

Catherine has always been the young girl with potential, from the very age of fourteen when she first joined the Order she became a healer of men and women alike, her holy face alone was enough to bring joy to their injured faces and tend painless healing to their injured wounds. Catherine has always and will always be the incarnate of inspiration, when she arrives her mens hearts light up like the sun as they feel the warm embrace of the flame burning in their souls with new firey passion, her gentle face in battle still shows signs of graciousness, as she fights with the shield of the Flame in hand and the hammer of Fervor in her opposite hand, she does not seem willing to kill her enemies however, perhaps it is an act of weakness, or simply an act of mercy, as she is a healer not a fighter, can it truley be expected of a healer to hurt those whos lives they save?

Battle Bonuses:

Blessed Hospitaler: While the Hospitaler Saint is present, her people are inspired greatly by her presense, the morale of the order of the holy flames troops is dramatically increased aswell as their power of zeal, driven by inspiration to fight for this beloved lady of kindness.

Saints Matyrdom: In times of dire need, Catherine has been known to use a huge amount of her own zeal to heal an entire army, this effect has been used before in the most drastic of battles, but as a price, sister Catherine is forced to leave the conflict due to the sheer mental strain it requires of her.

Divine Flame: Aside from the power to heal sister Catherine also has the power to inspire fear, for her enemies know exactly what she is capable of and to fight an army that has that much inspiration often causes her enemies morale to tremble dramatically, it is in the kindness that the terror is inspired, mercy can seem a dishonorable thing and thus some will tremble out of her compassion, others out of her ability to inspire her troops into great victories.

Note: Catherine Angelo does not count as a character, rather a leader figure, thus fighting her would be concidered insane.
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Hospitaler Saint Catherine Angelo
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