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 Matheius Arius The Matyr Lord

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PostSubject: Matheius Arius The Matyr Lord   Matheius Arius The Matyr Lord Icon_minitimeThu May 01, 2008 11:00 am

Race: Aesir
Age: 45
Faction: The Azure Templar
Class: Vanguard
You notice one thing about this man from the moment he is seen on a battlefield, he carries a big, sword, and alot, of armour, despite this, he does not strike as beautiful or charismatic, rather, wise, battlehardened as a veterain of war. His muscular pattern does not bulge out as much as the strongest man but he is fairly strong for his appearence, his entire armoured suit is a simple clad of plate, yet with oddly glowing energy beems underneeth it, in several areas along his kobolt plated body he has several blue glowing LED's which appear to be resonating energy of some kind. From his armoured helmet two flashlights glowing in a bright blue tone beem out near the visor and faceguard. His head seems to be encased as part of the entire suit, aside from this, he also carries a hulking twohanded blade on his back, with a single huge edge, the blade seems to detach a fragment of the edge to reveal an energy beem that can form from it instead. Aswell as this, his right gauntlet seems to have an energy shield disk attached to the side, allowing him to create a towering 8 foot energy shield wall out of matter converted energy. To summerise, you might mistake him for a robot at first, but you would soon come to realise he is perfectly organic, simply encased in a suit of armour.

In life, Matheius Arius was an Aesir whos heart was damaged during a combat fight with a large CCCP assault force, he was known to carry extremely heavy equipment yet practically became a living shield able to take unnaturally heavy blows. Matheius was gifted for his service in The Azure Templar by being given a suit of heavy armour and literally became encased into it, now he serves as one of the greatest active field generals of the Templar, known as The Matyr Lord for the fact that some beleive he died and came back a machine.

Battle Bonuses:

Living Fortress: While The Matyr Lord is on the field, all his troops gain the benefits of his vastly superiour firepower bonuses, thus the damage of his troops is highly increased, aswell as a small amount of morale.

Bastion Of Power: When ever in the defence, The Matyr Lord provides his men with a great morale inspiring speech, cutting off all chances of their morale loss while they are under his rulership, allowing him to dramatically increase their morale because of this.

Tower Wall: In a defencive battle, The Matyr Lord dramatically increases the defence of his comrades by double their current efficency, however, as a price for his work, his previous bonus, the Living Fortress, is automatically canceled thus meaning in exchange for higher armour, his men must suffer by loosing their firepower bonus.

Note: The Matyr Lord does not count as a character, rather a leader figure, thus fighting him would be concidered insane.
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Matheius Arius The Matyr Lord
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