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 High Tier Lieutenant Elizah Martiyez Gartsov

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PostSubject: High Tier Lieutenant Elizah Martiyez Gartsov   High Tier Lieutenant Elizah Martiyez Gartsov Icon_minitimeThu May 01, 2008 12:22 pm

Race: Aesir
Age: 47
Faction: NORD
Class: Ranger
Oddly enough, Elizah's hair is the first and most notable of her features, her long hair seems to be mixed in colours of black and streaks of white between it, though not the kind of white that turns hair old, rather, it is naturally that way. Her eyes seem to be a mature violet tone, reflecting her race's abnormal eyecolour, as she seems to wear the standard NORD officers uniform.
This uniform consists of two ruffs, hers being a fools gold veriation, with a navy officers jumper, hers seems to be toned in a military green, with the emblem of NORD attached to the left of her cleverage. Aside from this, she wears a neckguard attached to the tunic which is made of a silver painted plastic like substance, it doesnt particularly look like something someone wears for comfort. To finalise, she also wears a military black belt with a series of buttons to strap it tightly to her waist leading down to her black military leather trosers. She also wears two hazel light brown army boots and is occasionally seen with a firearm or two next to her hips.

Origionally she started her carrear out as a simple private investigator but was encountered by NORD and recruited to their aid, she was seen to be strict, diciplined and knew exactly how to do what and where, fortunatley, Elizah has never once been caught off guard in a situation and can handle even the most stressful enviroment with unnaturally strict dicipline. After twenty years of service, she is the current High Tier Lieutenant of NORD, the highest rank awarded to any member, thus making her the current leader aswell.

Battle Bonuses:

Information Efficency: While in a field operations base, she automatically employs her strongest rader dishes around the entire area, allowing her to instantly detect enemy military movements, such as flanking attempts, attacks, defences or anything for that matter, Elizah will always know where the enemy is going to strike.

Radar Blind: Equally, while around, she employs the strongest of the stealth emitters, disrupting the power of zeal, magic, or even rival technology from locating how her troops move in the field of combat and where, Elizah always makes sure her troops are kept out of sight even if it means killing anyone that might see them.

Military Swiftness: Her mind is quicker than any on the planet and as such she employs the fastest of technology into the NORD forces, while reducing some of their combat attack and defence power, she doubles their combat speed by directing them to the fastest shortcuts in the area, as the leader of NORD it is her responsibility to lead her soldiers to an effectivly swift route in and out of the field of operation.

Note: Elizah does not count as a character, rather a leader figure, thus fighting her would be concidered insane.
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High Tier Lieutenant Elizah Martiyez Gartsov
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