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 Neutrum Beldeus

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PostSubject: Neutrum Beldeus   Neutrum Beldeus Icon_minitimeThu May 01, 2008 1:13 pm

Name: Neutrum Askar Beldeus
Gender: Male
Class: Noble
Race: Daemoniac
Faction: None at the moment.
Physical Appearance: Skin as looking as a dead persons skins, shoulder lenght white hair, rather tall, around meter and ninety centimeters. Scared face, long one running from the top of his forhead runing through the eye and ending at the left side of the chin. few lesser scars on the face. The body is also scared with lots of bigger and lesser scars. Misses one eye (the left one.), wears a pirate-like patch on it. Without all the scars he might've look handsome or in his human years perhaps. But nobody will know now,
Clothing : He wears a heavy leather armor covering most of his body.
History : -To be edited-.
Weaponry : -to be edited.-
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Neutrum Beldeus
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