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 Kriegfaust Marshal Fritz Von Flemming

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PostSubject: Kriegfaust Marshal Fritz Von Flemming   Thu May 01, 2008 5:06 pm

Name: Fritz Von Flemming
Race: Human
Class: Noble
Faction: CCCP (Hausland)
Age: 52

Well built for his age, but his body has seen better days, his fair share of scars and bad knee testament to that. Wears his old Panzer commander uniform perfectionisticly clean and neat, and his posture seems be the result of a plank up his behind. His beard is as neatly trimmed and kept as his uniform.

A stiff old man that likes nothing more than a good cigarr and a field execution.
He also has a rather unhealthy hatred for Elves. Seeing one usually prompts him to draw his .45 caliber revolver and place a bullet in the forehead of it.
His voice is loud and hoarse, more used to barking orders rather than speaking. He also speaks with a heavy Hausland accent.

Battle Style: More adept on commanding tanks in battle which gained him his rank rather than fighting personally. He does however wield his revolver well, firing in a duelist kind of way. One arm behind his back, the other aiming. His sabre is mostly for show and ritual, but he nonetheless can use it, although not that good.

History: A veteran tank commander that has won many victories in the name of Hausland and CCCP throughout the years.
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PostSubject: Re: Kriegfaust Marshal Fritz Von Flemming   Sat May 03, 2008 4:00 am

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Kriegfaust Marshal Fritz Von Flemming
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