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 Some Final Neccicaries, Requisition, Secondary Items

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Some Final Neccicaries, Requisition, Secondary Items Empty
PostSubject: Some Final Neccicaries, Requisition, Secondary Items   Some Final Neccicaries, Requisition, Secondary Items Icon_minitimeFri May 02, 2008 4:35 am

Requisition is basically the currency of the story, you aquire this by victories and over time, every day you are given a certain amount of requisition for your service depending on faction, as for the secondary resorce known as Trinkets, you aquire these by performing tasks, killing other enemies, there are many ways to aquire both, the most notably easy being simply defeating foes, the other being acts of charity, basically the forum version of PVEing

How much does each faction individually get per day:
Remember which faction you belong to and dont try any mary sueing on this, you'll probably figure it out given that the maths is all in 0's, theres nothing complex so its quite easy to grasp:

Order Of The Holy Flame: 10 requisition per day
Client Controll Cooperate Pact: 100 requisition per day
The Azure Templar: 1000 requistion per day
Night Operations Reconistance Division: 10'000 requistion per day
The Shining Illuminate: 20'000 requisition per day

and now the Trinket Rating:
Blessed Emblems (OOTHF): 1000 per day
CCCP Insignia's (CCCP): 100 per day
Azure Badges (TAT): 50 per day
NORD Credentials (NORD): 10 per day
Shining Shards (TSI): 1 per day

Dont underestimate the power of requisition vs the power of trinkets, one might assume that getting a fortune of money a day is alot, but in truth, its actually quite small if you havent the trinkets to afford it.

Player Vs Player Combat:
Now should a player be killed (should, that is), by another player, that player would receive a huge bonus, often related to their combat rank more than anything, this rank would add a nice 0 starting at 1000 for the lowest conscript to a woping million for much higher ranks and half of that in their factions trinkets.

Acts Of Charity (Also known as Player Vs Enviroment Combat):
Acts of charity are different, one does not aquire any requisition for these or insignia's untill the mission is compleated by the individual, however, Acts of charity can vary amoung difficulty, some can be so hard that it takes nothing less than the highest rank of combatant to fight them, where as some can be simple bandit run-ins.
Regardless, often the reward varies amoung items, weapons, armour, faction trinkets and requisition, thus there is often a bit of everything, those who did not compleate the act do not have to feel at a loss, for participating, when the act is over, you recieve an amount of requisition as "compensation" for your efforts, though not as high as the one who compleated the task.

This summerises how to aquire requisition which I beleive has been constantly questioned, for now I beleive this system is fairly easy to grasp, if it needs changing, there is a posting area for ideas that can be suggested, if enough people agree, it will be changed, for now however, this I beleive is effective.
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Some Final Neccicaries, Requisition, Secondary Items
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