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Welcome to Are Rorrim the fictional world filled between fantasy and cyberpunk alike, a variation for everyone weather you like guns or sorcerors you will be bound to find something of interest :)
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 Andreas Flegomai Diakos

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PostSubject: Andreas Flegomai Diakos   Andreas Flegomai Diakos Icon_minitimeSat May 03, 2008 11:45 am

Name: Andreas Flegomai Diakos
Faction: Order Of The Holy Flame
Class: Templar
Race: Archon
Gender: Male
Age: In his thirties.

Appearance: His face appear kind, but also strict and proud in a manner. His finely tended, semi-long hair and beard is of a golden blonde colour. Tall and well built, he is quite suited for battle, and most would assume he is a warrior of sorts.
His voice is deep and carries over long distances. Also a few scars here and there.

Gear: He carries steel plate armour (Chestplate, leggings, shoulders and hands.) over his normal red robe, there are quite a few golden ornatments (appear to be so, not real gold, would be unpractical).
A old scroll also hangs on a chain by his side.
Weapon: He carries a two handed longsword with beutiful golden ornaments.

Behaviour: Good manners, and a fine accent. Often seen praying. He seems quite reserved, and doesnt allways interact socially with others as normally.
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Andreas Flegomai Diakos
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