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Welcome to Are Rorrim the fictional world filled between fantasy and cyberpunk alike, a variation for everyone weather you like guns or sorcerors you will be bound to find something of interest :)
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Race: Daemoniacs
Gender: Female
Class: Sorceror
Age: Unknown
Faction: The Shining Illuminate

Appearance: Her skin has gone to a strange mixture of azure and grey, her eyes black, save her iris which is colourless like most of her kin, next to her eyes she has black patterns curled and twisted like snakes with an almost gleaming, yet dark purple outline. Her hair is completely white and quite long, reaching as far as down, almost to the ground whenever it hangs loosely. Her fingers are somewhat long and sleek, moving with outmost grace, she wears no nailpolish for that matter and her fingernails are about medium lenght.

Armour: (Tier 2/3) She wears no shoulderpads, she has a long black robe, which is mostly cloth, but has a leather tunic over her upper robe which kinda shows off her figure, she also flexible leather boots reaching up to her knees under her robe. As for her arms, still the cloth robe with leather bindings over her upper- and lower-arm.

Weapons: She has two dark-steel katanas strapped to her back in a X formation, both with dark-leather grips and pitch black pattern down the blades to match the ones next to her eyes.

Personality: She can turn quite seductive whenever the need arises, she can also change her personality to various other varieties, it's hard to say though, wether she's confused or simply mad.

Fighting Style: She uses fiery and dark magic spells to constantly nuke her opponents to death, releasing a good amount of magical powers, she also uses her two katana's by imbedding enchants into them and going into close-range combat, however she's not amongst the elite of the sword fighters so she's best of at a distance.

Other: She also seems to have taken a liking to snakes, and can be seen with one as her pet at occasions.
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