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 Annoncement: Freelancers

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Annoncement: Freelancers Empty
PostSubject: Annoncement: Freelancers   Annoncement: Freelancers Icon_minitimeTue May 06, 2008 4:56 am

I am now permitting the use of neutral characters known as either A) factionless or B) Freelancers
However, rules will be set in motion for this specific group
Rule number 1, core rule:
Freelancers are neither an enemy nor an ally to anyone, which means anyone in a faction is permitted to shoot them, freelancers are permitted to defend themselves aswell, however they will still be treated as a free for all player vs player character that anyone may attack at any time.

Rule number 2, Freelancer rights:
You are given permission to work for any faction as a freelancer, however your entire chars life will be a double edged knife due to this reason, you would have to be extremely careful who you wish to side with because eventually you will have to take one, eventually.
Freelancers will also be allowed to enter neutral cities, while within the walls of a city, a Freelancer is treated as an equal, thus social hostility towards them would be regarded as a kill on sight regardless of what faction was responsible, however, that doesnt deny factions the right to take them out in less public areas such as allyways etc.
Freelancers will also be unable to receive any of the faction trinkets because they are a freelancer, this also means they wont get anything higher than a cheap low quality or medium quality item due to the fact they are factionless, also, freelancers wont get paid requisition each day, meaning in order to aquire it, they have to earn their keep.
Finally, a freelancer is not permitted to remain a freelancer perminently, eventually you will be forced to take a side, otherwise, your characters life is likley to be forfiet, this is because of your characters life, given a realistic logic, one side would enevitably execute you if you didnt choose them, and another would try to take you in the same way untill all five major factions try to controll your life and drag you into the warzone.
For now this is all I have to say about this new idea, people seem to have wanted a freelancer character, so I will permit it, but as you can see, there are rules, they wont be changing unless as usual, popular vote says otherwise.
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Annoncement: Freelancers
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