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 In the neutral city ((open))

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In the neutral city ((open)) Empty
PostSubject: In the neutral city ((open))   In the neutral city ((open)) Icon_minitimeTue May 06, 2008 7:10 am

The back ally's of Gradiance were often dark and secluded; unfavouribles, drunks, murderers,beggars and other sorts of these lower ends of the civilizised spectrum were well known to visit these cramped and darkened places that lay out of sight of the common people, well actually more like out of mind.
The people of Gradiance knew well of these places, of its brothels and whore pits, of its slums and its less desirable 'shops'...they just chose not to think about it, to overlook it.
Lords Avenue was perhaps the most visted and well known of the backstreets, this was due to three reasons:

A) : The streets were slightly better lit than the others, this meant that there was no stepping in unseen puddles of questionable material that started to dissolve your boots and eventually your foot if you didn't scrape it off within the next 5 minutes. And also here you have at least double the amount of time to see yourself get stabbed in the back whereas its only .1 of a second elsewhere.

B) : The Blackmarket could be found here , where you could buy or get anything...for a price.

C) : The Black Friar's inn, well known for its bar brawls, 'friendly atmosphere' (according to the 'Places to visit before you die'), the ale and its pork scratchings.

(to be continued)
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In the neutral city ((open))
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