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 Dirigo "Bloodeye" Waston

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PostSubject: Dirigo "Bloodeye" Waston   Dirigo "Bloodeye" Waston Icon_minitimeThu May 08, 2008 1:10 pm

Name: Dirigo Waston

Call names: Blood-eye, Swiftblade

Class: Templar (Samurai when they come?)

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Weight and hight: 6 feet tall about 140 pounds.

Face: His face is calm and normal his eye is brown, he got no beard not even scrubs, he got a crazy spiky black hair making him look abit violent yet he seems to pleasant to everyone who act the same way to him.
Exept for that he looks like a normal man on his age exept for his left eye, the eye itself is blood-red and through it there is a large scar.

Armor: His armor is Tier 3-4 wearing pure darkened leather armor strapped to his body by several belt like leather straps, around his head he got a red headband that also covers his left eye though you can slightly see the scar.
On his back he got a ruined red cloak, though he dosnt seem to want to trade it for a newer and better cloak.
His gauntlets have a tiger claw stuck on each finger serving as intimidating and last resort weapon.

Weapon: On his back he got a large Katana only a few centimeter from hitting the ground, and his claw like gauntlets.

Ways of being: Hes shy and nervous and do not dare to look into peoples eyes, when womens around he gets even more shy only looking to the floor and answer as short as possible.

Special features: Around his brown eye he got a dark moon tatoo, and on his right arm he got a Black sun tatoo.

Strength: Agile, evasive, cat reflexes.

Weakness: Shy, No ranged, cant work properly with women around, vurnerable to shadows, dislikes the smell of blood.
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Dirigo "Bloodeye" Waston
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