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 Shadowbranch Artificier Center

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PostSubject: Shadowbranch Artificier Center   Shadowbranch Artificier Center Icon_minitimeThu May 08, 2008 1:57 pm

X10 Pacifier
Requisition Required: 5000 + 500 Azure Badges
Feat Rating: High Class Technology
Damage Rating: 5%
Critical Chance: 2%
Weapon Class: Silenced Laser Pistol
Description: The X10 was origionally developed in After Era 1744 as no more than a simple blueprint, as a standard issue Shadowbranch weapon it was never truley created untill After Era 1822 when the Shadowbranch ordered their first mass production weapon to be made, this devistating weapon fires a heated laser through a silenced barrel, surpisingly, it is not the most lethal weapon, designed more with the intention to stun than kill.

X24 Qarantine
Requisition Required: 9000 + 900 Azure Badges
Feat Rating: High Class Technology
Damage Rating: 20%
Critical Chance: 0%
Weapon Class: Silenced Laser Rifle
Description: Like its lower class the X10, the X24 was designed as a non lethal yet efficently useable silenced laser rifle, modified with a single shot cartridge this weapon is often used in the prefference of the very very few heavy assault teams of the Shadowbranch, it is rarley preffered given its larger and bulkier appearence making it difficult to conceal under their espionage uniforms.

X50 Neutralizer
Requisition Required: 40'000 + 4000 Azure Badges
Feat Rating: High Class Technology
Damage Rating: 90%
Critical Chance: 40%
Weapon Class: Energy Blade
Description: Cleverly built in After Era 1799 the X50 uses Vortexion energy, a source of power that literally consumes itself endlessly, to fuel its energy beem, literally making it the dealiest energy blade in the entire world, capable of literally cutting through energy it can slice even the divine plate of the holy flame in two with ease, however, due to it being a Vortexion weapon, it is noted that it not only happens to be a very volatile weapon, but also a very small beem radius, making it a short sword, effectivly speaking.

XA 01
Requisition Required: 500 + 50 Azure Badges
Feat Rating: High Class Technology
Damage Bonus: 10%
Critical Chance: 10%
Description: Although not the most known of Shadowbranch technology, this clip is simply a cartridge for their standard issue laser weaponry, a battery more or less, it has no distinctivly notable features, although used as a secondary power source, this item can power a mechanical pet for near enough a life time.

Combat Tuxedo
Requistion Required: 10'000
Feat Rating: Tier 3 Armour Required
Defence Level: 1
Defence Bonus: 5%
Magical Defence Bonus: 5%
Zeal Defence Bonus: 5%
Shield Level: 3
Description: Its jet black appearence makes it far from the most attractive suit you'd see, it seems so plain and yet so formal, however, tailored in After Era 1689 it was made to look rather jazzy and stylish, with a few deceptivly well crafted tailored peices, silently, it had a shield generator implanted into it, also being one of the most formidable shield generators yet probably not the best, still, this formal business man or womans tuxedo is designed to deceive, the eyes are often fooled by its plain look.
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Shadowbranch Artificier Center
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