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 Bernard Indeviar

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PostSubject: Bernard Indeviar   Bernard Indeviar Icon_minitimeSat May 10, 2008 5:09 am

Name: Bernard Indeviar, but known only as "St. Gabriel"
Class: Conjueror
Faction: Neutral, but hostile against the OOTHF.
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown, appears to be in his early thirties.
Race: Daemoniac

He can usually be found in 'The Black Friars Inn', usually in one of the more private back rooms, either having a glass of wine, or doing somekind of simple magic and card tricks for those who'd want to look. He's also known to offer his services to anyone, for the right price.
He also openly expresses his oppinions about the Order Of The Holy Flame.

He carries no apparent weapons, only cards.

Appearance: Dressed to perfection, wearing different suits. Instead of a tie, he wears different necklaces and amulets with blashpemous symbols on them.
Usually wears a black coat, when outside, and a hat, matching whatever suit he's wearing, to cover his dark eyes.

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Bernard Indeviar
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