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 The Bloody Rose Legion

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Nightfall approached as she walked into her quaters in the mansion, the servant girl walked in and bowed saying "Vanessa, its time for your meeting" a feint smile appeared on her face as she nodded, she finished tightening her armoured suit and exited her room, heading across the corridoor.
There she met Kriegfaust Marshal Gruman, otherwise known as The Black Lance. She smiled at her old companion and said "We have a time to meet, we will proceed immediatly, any questions Gruman?" she smirked a moment as she continued in her armoured suit, Gruman followed, the old war veterain strapped into his jet black suit of armour stating "none at all my lady, I only wish we didnt have to waste said time on this moment when we both know what this meeting is about" she snickered and sighed "You've been a loyal companion to me Gruman, but the people I am a loyal companion to are the ministers and the judges, let us not question their wisedom".
Nodding, Gruman continued with his lady unto the large courtroom as the ministers looked at one another and peered down towards their greatest weapon, Vanessa. She bowed, as did her knight, before the two drew their symbolic weaponry and kneeled as knights to their lords, the ministers clapped hands in approval before their clapping was silenced by the grand judge.
"I have called you here, Vanessa, because of the lacking progress in Borsha, we feel the marshal in charge is doing a slacky job compaired to your rapid work, thus it is we trust you understand what it is we have summoned you for".
Silently, a smirk formed on her lips before her face resumed a serious pose, she rised and nodded, then looked directly at the grand judge and stated with a sharp tone "grand judge, I, Vanessa Lausmien Kurnigen The Fiveth will humbly accept the task and begin purification at once, I shall return with a victory across the entire campaign and nothing my lords, nothing, shall stand in progress way".
Approving of her speech there was a roar of clapping, she lifted her head proudly and smiled, closing her eyes to embrace the approval like a kiss to the forehead by a parent.
The grand judge lifted his hand, as the clapping slowly ceased he then stated "Go, Vanessa and go with the weight of the hauslands ever carried on your shoulders, with you, we are truley invulnerable, without you, it would take long before we found someone as capable of this as yourself".
She gleefully enjoyed the praise as she bowed her head feeling she had the respect she deserved and turned, before she saw the door slam behind her.
Leaving the room, then the building, gathered outside was an army of Black Rose elite soldiers, carrying a strange insignia on their sides, an insignia of a scarlet red rose with blood dripping from its pettles, and a sword impaled through it vertically.
The soldiers saluted their superiour as she formed a wild grin before climbing onboard her towering mechanoid and climbing inside, the machine, shaped like a suit of armour with a towering bloody lance on one side and a black shield on the other with blood red stains across it glimmered as she aimed the lance a beem of energy formed around it almost making it appear even bigger than it already was, glowing with untamable heat.
She roared out "we march for Borsha, every hour lost is equal to a hundred lives, we will arrive on time, we will arrive immediatly, there is no place for sidetracking, there is no place for weakness, victory, or death! that is our only option!".
A momentary madness formed in her eyes, a madness of pride, or a simple thirst for glory or fame, regardless, she seemed to enjoy the concept of a blaze of glory, a charge of wild rage, one thing was clear, Vanessa was ready to rip apart armies and lead the charge with pride in her veins.
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The Bloody Rose Legion
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