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 Rynelf Whitston - Talos Whitston

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PostSubject: Rynelf Whitston - Talos Whitston   Rynelf Whitston - Talos Whitston Icon_minitimeSat May 10, 2008 3:00 pm

Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class: Ranger
Faction: Freelancer

Appearance/armour/weaponry: He wears a full set of tier 4 armour, with a brown leather suit that covers just about all of him except his head which in turn mostly is hidden under a brown hood which in turn is linked to a rather long fur-cloak. His leathery outfit also has mail layers about, two covering his upperarms and two more for his hips, his gloves also has some mail-lacing on it, covering the upper side of his hand and one more over his upper chest area.
As weaponry he has a brown leather quiver that hangs underneath his cloak, though it exits on the side, allowing him to grab arrows as he may, he also has a longbow in his quiver pluss a longsword hanging from his side, not exactly new, but not too old looking either with brown leather grip and two guns holstered under his cloak, both hosting up to six bullets each, the ammo pouch being strapped to his quiver. He also has a hunting knife in somesort of boot-pocket which he uses for quite a lot.

Hair: Black and goes down to his shoulders when his hood is off.
Beard: Short and black.
Face: Seems about his twenties by the looks of his face.
Eyes: Brown colour tune and is found somewhat narrowed at times, seems light-shy.
Rynelf Whitston - Talos Whitston Rynelf10

Rynelf Whitston - Talos Whitston Talos10
Talos Whitston.
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class: Ranger
Faction: Freelancer

Appearance: As you see it, he appears almost exactly like Rynelf, though the colouring is turned on its head and the bow is slightly different in design. You also notice that his left eye is just about always pinched shut for some reason.

This character functions as Rynelfs "Evil twin" and counterpart, also his greatest rival.
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Rynelf Whitston - Talos Whitston
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