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 Number Nine - Lucas Teodin

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Number Nine - Lucas Teodin Empty
PostSubject: Number Nine - Lucas Teodin   Number Nine - Lucas Teodin Icon_minitimeMon May 19, 2008 1:41 pm

Name: (Just so you get the idea.) Mostly adressed as Number Nine or simply Nine due to the fact that few actually know his real name. (With exceptions of superiours etc.)
Race: Aesir
Gender: Male
Class: Ranger
Faction: N.O.R.D.
Rank: Private

Number Nine - Lucas Teodin Aesir10

-He has an amulet hanging around his neck tied to a purple ribbon, it seems to be a nicely polished steel star for those who actually get to see it. (See image)
-He has a set of reattractable claws on both hands (Acts more or less as a piece of him rather than seperate equipment.)
-Though he might appear human, under both real and substitue skin there is quite alot of technology, including; Mechanical muscles/muscle reinforcment and the most appearant; His technological eye, made for sharp-shooting and other extra treats that come with superiour vision (Appears as on image,) though he's also quite organic in addition to the technology.

Current weaponry:
-Two light silenced assault pistols, average equipment.
-Claws on both hands (see Details and/or image.)

Current Armour:
-Basic Tier 4, not directly normal leather with mail added but, it has it's efficiency thus.(See image.)

-Knows his rank and status, adresses his superiours thus.
-Inhuman discipline.
-Seems to treasure his amulet quite alot put bluntly. (See Details.)

Fighting Syle:
-Ranged assassination. (Primary.)
-Close-hand combat if nessecary. (Basic martial arts, disarming enemy, joint locks etc, combined with close-hand weaponry, see Weaponry and/or Details.)
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Number Nine - Lucas Teodin
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