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 Guild Applications: For Traitors Cross

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PostSubject: Guild Applications: For Traitors Cross   Guild Applications: For Traitors Cross Icon_minitimeWed Dec 03, 2008 8:25 am

Your application's are written here, you do not have to truley worry about writing one mind, this is simply as a confirmation of already joining, the required things you must write on your application however are the following:

Your Characters Name: Full name please and stupidity is "not" on the naming list nor mary sue names such as "Sephiroth Menethil" no chance, arite?

Your Characters Alignment: I.E. "Good" "Evil" "Neutral" "Mad" (we use standard DND alignments from the third edition with a few customised ones See Alignment's for list.)

Your Characters Race: Now this one is important, you do not have to be human despite your wow character being one, for example, We do not mind things such as Dragonkin, however, we recommend you are reasonably experienced before writing anything abnormal for reasons explained below.

Your Characters Background, Breifly: You do not have to make a page long story about your character, though if you wish to you are fully entitled to, however, there are do's and do not's, as mentioned below.

Your Experience of RP: From this we can learn if you are new or old to the ways of roleplaying, we also do not penalise anyones view of rp weather they are new to it or not, but we do have a certain standard "we" want of you if you wish to join us commitedly which is written below.

Your Guild Experiences: Enlighten us with your previous guild's if you can, we'd like to know why you left, what experiences you have had with guilds, if joining TTC however is your first guild experience, you may also write that so dont worry.

Your Views on RP Conflict: Reasons below will make it clear what "we" see as acceptable RP conflict, however, you are fully entitled to conflict this view if you do not see the same, though this will heavily change your chances of being accepted just so you understand.

A Little Bit About Yourself: Your Likes, what you definatly dont want to see and what you think you could contribute in joining.

That was the part about "you" now this is the part about "us"

What We Can Provide:

Several years of roleplaying experience including tutorials on how to rp according to our views at least, respectfully, there are other ways to rp, but if you join us, you "must" rp by our way, that is the only acceptable outcome.

We will also provide you with a safe haven in world of warcraft in which if someone should provide you with harrasment, let us know, we can and will protect you from anyone that brings you danger from the outside world, however know this, we also do not protect anyone that has "provoked" their own situation on themselves.

We will also provide moderate ingame help "when" possible, but TTC is alot more pure RP than my other guilds, thus we expect the majority of situations to result in roleplay more so than anything else, also, any attempt to ninja with "intention" will be concidered unforgiveable, accidents can only be forgiven Twice, the old saying stands, three strikes and your out.

What We Expect Of You:

As stated, TTC has "standards" these standards involve Emote fighting using Rolls when in RP conflict, and limiting those rolls to 3 per player, the winner is ultimatley the victor, but the looser can still choose not to be killed and run away or simply surrender.

Our method of RP fighting is as stated above, we dont do anything other than that, dueling is a no go and pvp rping is a total no chancer, this is partially for IC reasons but primarily because TTC does not care for PVP-RP outside pure-rping itself, it is fine if you wish to duel or pvp but we will not be accepting players that do as that is our standard and it "will" not change.

We also expect behaviour to be surpisingly mature, you'd be surprised to know (for the newer members) that TTC is a surpisingly mature guild oocly who rarley ever get into any unneciccary banter, mostly becuase our guild channel is also IC, which you are expected to respect and use ooc brackets at ALL times when in guild chat for Out of character discussion.

What We Do "NOT" Want To See:

A Lack of cooperation to the rules is an extremely unforgiveable offence and any attempt made by some random bystander group to black mark TTC will be shrugged off and the ringleaders responsible perminently banned and ignored from any further guild discussions, ever, TTC's tolerance for backstabbers is None at all oocly, remember that.

We also do not want people argueing in guild chat, if such problems occur take it into pm's or drop it, guild chat is for IC and IC almost primarily, however, we do not deny people the right to have "breaks" from IC as it is still a game and we do our best to constantly remind ourselves of that.

We also despite many rumors have NO liking for 18+ content especially in public, vulgarity of anykind is an instant ban, if you are caught doing it in public or otherwise you will be suspended from guild and forced to explain yourself, refusal to do so will result in a perminent ignore from "every" member of the guild, even if they dislike that, we have no room for "whores" in TTC as we have extreme standards that "must" be met.

Also, as a final note before I finish this post, characters with "Good" alignment are frowned upon but accepted, also, characters with Rediculas backgrounds or racial history such as the daughter of Malygos, will be instantly refused, we call this "Mary Sueing" E.g. "my character is the son of arthas and daughter of malygos" there are VERY rare exceptions to this rule and your characters story must be near pristine to be accepted, in other words, the lore has to be so solid it is nearly impossible to assume it couldnt be done, but if even one flaw exists, the answer will remain the same, No, you cannot be the son of arthas, no, you cannot have immortality that makes you godlike, no, you cannot have powers that can devastate planets in one shot, No, chance.

Keep it beleiveable and we will be happy, if you are going to try to overpower your character, Make it realistically acceptable to the lore of world of warcraft BEFORE you do anything stupid.
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Guild Applications: For Traitors Cross
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