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 Special DND Alignments: TTC Style

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Special DND Alignments: TTC Style Empty
PostSubject: Special DND Alignments: TTC Style   Special DND Alignments: TTC Style Icon_minitimeWed Dec 03, 2008 8:43 am

These alignments reprisent Special upgrades to certain current DND alignments that are only available in TTC's story, they "distinguish" Anti-Chaotic and Anti-Lawful from each other, so without further adoo, you have several new DND alignments to choose from.

Alignment: Pure
Pure reprisents an indominable will, a more righteous aspect of a more religious sense of duty contrast to a Lawful sense, a person that is pureful is usually extremely pious about their own choice of morals and near enough compleatly narrow sighted, Pure reprisents the contrast and Rival to Lawful as explained before, meaning that a puritan reprisents someone that follows their own code but does not follow the code of society itself, however, this is not to mistake them for Chaotic as they still follow a certain sect of values that they "cannot" turn away from unless risking their purity itself, a person of Pure good value for example reprisents a person such as a paladin who is piously kind and compassionate but also follows a set way that cannot be changed, similiarly, a being of pure evil reprisents tyranical conquest and dominion over those who do not follow their own views in an intimidating fassion.

Alignment: Corrupt
Corrupt reprisents a constant acceptance of change for one reason or another, this alignment reprisents the anti-pure, and also reprisents the opposite of Lawful thus making it vaguley chaotic, however, it is differed from chaotic as Corrupt reprisents the manipulation of things contrast to destruction of them, Corrupt individuals can use their power of persuasion to alter a situation for kindness or cruelty of their own choice, for example, a person who is corrupt but good could use their power of persuasion to convince an inquisitor their overly pious ways are wrong, while a person of corrupt evil could sway a lawful officer to accept bribes and slowly fall into darkness and temptation.

Alignment: Mad
Madness reprisents the contrast of neutrality, a person with anti-sanity itself reprisents someone with either no will or too much paranoia, often portrayed through many different aspects from pure, lawful, true madness, chaotic and corrupt, they reprisent the true form of insanity or destabalisation to a point of either fanatacism or worse, ambitious fanatacism, a Lawful Mad individual for example could utalise the law itself in their own paranoia to arrest anyone that seems odd to their own views or suspicious, while a corrupt madman could attempt to sway others into his own insanity and drive them from the verge of their own logic itself, madness reprisents the anti-neutral and thus acts of madness make no sense or logic such as devouring cheese with a spoon or eating cake with a fork, these are small demonstrations of the depth madness itself can go to, including murder.

Alignment: Light
Light reprisents a higher value from Good itself, reprisenting the ultimate form of good, Light reprisents a being that is incapable of harming others or at least unwillingly capable of doing so, for this reason, Light is incapable of being corrupt, though it can still reprisent chaotic in that light can still be used to invoke wrath if unwillingly provoked into doing so, those who harbor the ideas of light cannot truley commite acts of wrong as they have become manifest to the greatest form of good itself, making them almost incapable of malevolant thinking.

Alignment: Darkness
Darkness reprisents the polar opposite of Light, going beyond evil itself it reprisents the greatest of all evils, raw selfish malevolance with no sense of care or compassion for anything other than its own aims, for this reason, Darkness cannot reprisent purity as darkness is not "bound" by anything, though Darkness can still be lawful when infiltrating the forces of good for its own milicious intent of converting them to evil and beyond, due to the fact that darkness reprisents a greater of evil's, people who fall to it struggle heavily to accend back to the path of light as their entire ideals have driven them to a hunger for selfish ambition.

Current Alignment Tree:

Pure Light | Lawful Light | Neutral Light | Chaotic Light |
Pure Good | Lawful Good | Neutral Good | Chaotic Good | Corrupt Good
Pure Neutral | Lawful Neutral | True Neutral | Chaotic Neutral | Corrupt Neutral
Pure Mad | Lawful Mad | True Madness | Chaotic Mad | Corrupt Mad
Pure Evil | Lawful Evil | Neutral Evil | Chaotic Evil | Corrupt Evil
| Lawful Darkness | Neutral Darkness | Chaotic Darkness | Corrupt Darkness

If you have any questions then feel free to ask, incidently, you can also use these for your forum and guild RP characters.
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Special DND Alignments: TTC Style
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