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Welcome to Are Rorrim the fictional world filled between fantasy and cyberpunk alike, a variation for everyone weather you like guns or sorcerors you will be bound to find something of interest :)
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 "Tales of the Past"

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PostSubject: "Tales of the Past"   Sun Dec 07, 2008 11:59 am

*A small book lays on top of a desk.. you walk in cautiously and open the book.. The book seems to be a collection of files and Data on the Current members of the Guild.. on the first page you open there is an old and yellow photograph of a Night Elf.. Clipped to the sheet of Yellow and Chipped paper.. You Begin to read the Following*

Name: Hammeta Dilliford
Age: 103
Race: Night Elf
Abilities: To controll Nature and keep peace

Life Story: Hammeta was born within the walls of Darnassus Along with her Mother.. Father, Brother and Sister.. Her sister mentained a power that when unleashed was cruel and harsh.. and was the centre or Hammet's fear.. As hammeta Grew here sister.. Currently known as Rickarna was the penical of Her Fathers Love.. As Hammeta longed to live within her sisters footsteps.. She tried to gain her honor by assasinating her old guild master Jantel only to know that he was already expecting it.. Due that Rickarna had alerted Jantel.. as they banded together.. Summoning a Portal into the Emeral Dream.. Where Hammeta lay imprisioned within the Undergrowth of Moonglade for 20 years.. she was sooon Discovered and released by a young man named Sorow.. an outcast as they banded together.. commiting crimes.. and Hammeta grew to love young Sorow.. though she was captured by the Banshee in the night.. for reasons unknown.. though after being locked away for a long time she had missed alot not knowing that Sylvanas who used to be Hammeta's best friends now leader of the undercity.. Sylvanas told Hammeta what her sister had done.. and about the changes.. And offered Hammeta a chance to join Sylvanas not telling her that a war had broke out and with hammeta not knowing what the Forsaken were... Hammeta foolishly exepted.. and become undead.. but was still mainly night elf.. she carried out Sylvanas's demands.. Sylvanas told her it was unreasonable for her to walk in Stormwind telling everyone she was part undead.. So hammeta ventured into Stormwind.. Once she heard the Stories of Sylvanas she went back to undercity demanding to know if it was true.. Sylvanas accepted everything.. and Hammeta wanted to go back.. to being the normal Hammeta she was.. Though Sylvanas refused to let her go.. So She lives within the Shadow of Sylvanas.. Hammeta ventured thorugh many guilds.. though when she told her secreat to people.. they always locked her and told many others.. so she is hated among many.. So she joined the Traitors Cross.. though some rumours are being spread that her brother is the light to the forsaken.. and a she may hold powers of the five brothers of Lorderan..
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"Tales of the Past"
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