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 The Temple Of Shadow

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The temple spammed the deepest part of the Leviathan and was often regarded as the least accessable part, the Dark Templar there guarded it viciously to any intruders unpermitted to access the temple itself, often mistaken for a cultistic ritual sight, the truth was simple, the temple was as religious a clergy gathering as the cathederal of light itself, the religious training however was far more diciplined, when one was given permission to enter they had to wear the trinket of the temple at "all" times, this trinket was a necklace, a necklace of a nautical star shaped object, the symbol and insignia of the cross itself, a sharp black star reprisenting the star of shadow.

Faith and Worship:
It is often mistaken by the weak willed that the cross are no different from some occult idealist regieme when it comes to faith, but the cross are far more than that, this is reflected by their faith, the faith of the "pure shadow" reprisenting shadow in its purest form and most holy in their own eyes. They seem these abusers of the shadow as weak lessers incapable of controlling it perpousfully, for this reason, the faith has several tenants:

The First Tenant, Freedom:
The most important word to ever know in the cross is Freedom and the actual value of the word itself, the texts stated that:
"Freedom is never given, only taken, the weak will let twilight and the gods consume them, the strong will fight and wage the eternal war against our immortal enemy."
"Freedom is an eternal battle, to truley exist a free man, woman and even child, you must fight for it, you must fight for your entire mortal life and beyond even in death, you must fight untill your existance is no longer capable of fighting, only then will the shadow grant you true freedom."
"Freedom does not come in the form of offers, these are temptations, sin's of greed and weakness, no matter what any being mortal or god tries to tell you, the truth is thus, you can never be "offered" freedom, for what good would it be if freedom came from the hand of another? it is simple, it wouldnt be good and in foolish submission, you would become a slave and deserve to be one untill you learned to fight again."
"Freedom is restrained, for even if you understand the value of freedom, you must also understand the value of the other tenants, and equally respect each and every one of them in compleate unison, only then when you are truley at the status of controlled freedom, will you understand what it means to know the limit of freedom itself."

The Second Tenant, Pride:
Pride is not a sin but it is not a blessing either, however, regularly is it encouraged to understand the full meaning of the word:
"Pride is not a sin, it is a requirement of your very soul, your very life, you live and die to be proud, to know the meaning of that is to know what the shadow itself wants of you, harbor your pride and drag it to you to the depths of hell, for when we return in death, hell will be ours, my friends and our eternal war will continue in the Dark Below."
"Pride is your life, you live, you die, you exist for pride to thrive, the moments that make you glorious, that make you stronger, that make your will even more indominable, those are the moments you must exist for, pride is the greatest form of willpower, harbor it with all your hatred and never know any different."
"Pride is power, with pride comes streingth and with streingth comes determination, with determination comes ambition, you strive for ambition, you strive for your own desires as much as the desires of us all, so remember, pride is your greatest friend, on and off the battlefield, it understands you better than you fully understand yourself and that is what makes it something you must master less it will master you."
"Pride can corrupt, Do not however, assume that having pride and ambition is without its flaws, do not allow your mind to become consumed by pride, even when you are strong you must still remain diciplined at all times, you must know the full meaning of combining these two elements to know when your ambitions go to far, to know when your desires could affect the world around you in negative ways, we desire to preserve the world, not shape it, thus, remember this at all times and do not let your hunger turn to greed."

The Third Tenant, Hatred:
Hatred is "highly" encouraged by the members of the cross, yet not in the respect that some might beleive it to be:
"Hatred is the forge of your power, your power, your true power, comes from your power to hate, weather for simple reasons or greater ones, hatred is a strong ally and a devistating enemy when used wrongly, thus, you must always controll your hatred, let your rage grow in your soul, untill the day you can finally contain it no longer, that and that alone is when you shall unleash your mighty destruction upon your foes."
"Hatred can corrupt the soul, there are some too weak to truley understand the value of hatred in that they beleive it can make them stronger, streingth alone is not what gives hatred a reason to be part of the faith, it is the fact it can be wielded responsibly, that makes it part of our religion, we are wise monsters not simple men, and we must embrace hatred only when it is needed, not when it is wanted."
"Hatred is a blessing and a sin, you must always atone for your use of hatred, do this by performing several hours of calm meditation in the temple to allow your mind to return to the diciplined state it was intended to this will be concidered a satisfactory act and thus will be forgiven, if not done, it will be concidered a sin and will undergo the acts of punishment for lacking willpower."

The Fourth Tenant, Dicipline:
Dicipline is what makes a soldier into a monster with restraint, this is "always" encouraged by the scholars of shadow:
"Dicipline creates wisedom, to know when you must stop killing, to know when your sword no longer needs to be swung, to know when to restrain your hatred, these are things that help the cross make itself what it is, power corrupts if it is not controlled, thus, dicipline allows us to know when our blade must be drawn and when our blade can be unnecicary at times."
"Dicipline helps freedom, not all things are clear initially, sometimes freedom has to be restrained for a greater good, at other times, freedom is neccicary to allow the truth and the power to be unleashed when it must be, knowing the balance between the two is what makes the strong seperate from the weak, always keep this in mind in a warzone and outside one."

The Fiveth Tenant, Honor:
Honor though surpisingly contradictory to pride often is regarded as an equal neccecity for the cross are fighters of fairness not cowards:
"Honor is the greatest of respects, no matter your foe, no matter their cause, your cause must always be the greater one, prooving you are greater is to proove your foe is weaker, thus, honor the code's of our religion and our morals by knowing when to respect your foe, you do not need allies to win battles, you do not need trickery to win wars, the only thing you truley need to win any battle, is honor and at small times wisedom."
"Honor seperates the weak from the strong, as stated, cowards depend on allies and swords and magic tricks to win wars, the cross has no need for magic or tricks, or allies, every man is his own sword and every man must carry himself as the weapon at all times, to depend on help to win, is weakness."
"Honor is important but there are exceptions, at times, foes will show you no honor when you showed them yours, for this reason, this is the only time that the rules of fair victory are excluded and thus a cross member can willingly call for support or use any form of deceptive cunning to win, for we fight honorably and those who show us none shall receive none, mercy for the dishonorable is as weak as showing mercy to the innosent."

The Sixth Tenant, Mercy:
Mercy is concidered a compleate weakness of the cross, however, there are times it can be a beneficial ally:
"Mercy is heavily frowned upon, no matter the reason, even in honor, we fight to defeat our foes and at many a time, destroy them or enslave them into our cause, if the weak are too frail to fight their own battles, they become our slaves, that is mercy, if the strong attempt to help the weak we are letting the corrupt exploit us for their own gain, this is pitiful."
"Mercy creates weakness but can be used as streingth, at times mercy allows us to remember that we were men once and if we do not truley remember that then we truley are as monsterous as the beasts we hunt, making is no greater than they, thus, at times, show mercy if you beleive your anger is growing too great, do not let your temptation corrupt your soul."
"Mercy is still a weakness, despite showing mercy to the weak, the innocent are to be shown no mercy what so ever, they are frail, cowardly and deserve to be enslaved by us for their own benefit, tough "love" is what creates the strong, if they cannot understand that pain can be a form of appriciation for them then they do not have the right to even exist, reality is a harsh thing for us all, the innocent need to learn the truth of "mercy" more so than any other, that is why my faithful, you must never show compassion to them."

The Seventh Tenant, Knowladge:
The greatest of all the tenants so far, the one that defines what we are and who we will become, our mentor and guide, knowladge:
"Knowladge is power, The greatest of the shadow scholars knew this long ago and will continue to know it as ages pass, to know your foe to know your allies is to know how to defeat them is to know their weaknesses, to know your limits and to know your streingths is to see what you must do to become stronger, this is the reason that knowladge is essential."
"Knowladge keeps us humanoid, without remembering who we are we will never achieve what we are becoming, our history makes us remember that we too were like them, weak, innocent, frail and we do not pity them, we shun them, we must, no matter the reason, remember that knowing weakness is to lack streingth in your own abilities, cowards search for weaknesses amoung pray, but we are not cowards, we only use these things when we "must", that is what makes is strong my faithful, remember that."
"Knowladge works hand in hand with wisedom, the wise must always know and to know is to become wise, we must learn to become the teacher and from teaching we learn our students and their lives, you can never have enough knowladge, it is the greatest of all things in the world my faithful, always remember this, always remember that knowladge is what makes us great and glorious amoung our enemies, for we have experienced battles and seen era's come and go that our foes have not, we have seen and learned things our foes will never discover, that is why, we must strive to know everything we can ever discover, through battle, through books and most of all, through learning the art of knowladge, for no power in the world is as formidable, as wisedom."
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The Temple Of Shadow
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