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 Character: Calelouh Meneldur

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Character: Calelouh Meneldur Empty
PostSubject: Character: Calelouh Meneldur   Character: Calelouh Meneldur Icon_minitimeSat Apr 26, 2008 11:01 am

Name: Calelouh Meneldur
Gender: Male
Class: Magister
Race: Elven
Faction: The Shining Illuminates
Physical Appearance: Neatly trimmed long black hair frames the Elf's face, only the tips of his ears visable through it. He stands at around 5'10", with a thin build even by the standards of his race, his features are narrow, and handsome.
Clothing: Extravagant blue robes, gloves, and black mid-calf length leather boots.
Weaponry: An ornate gemmed staff for primary hand to hand combat, a 8" blade stiletto for secondary hand to hand combat.
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Character: Calelouh Meneldur
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