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 The War Dojo

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PostSubject: The War Dojo   Thu Dec 11, 2008 2:51 am

Across the entire western leingth of the land-barge's upper deck lies the War Dojo, an area specifically intended for battles and even war's to occur within, this extremely large space is intended for entire conflicts to occur and even has caputrable peices of equipment and structures to reprisent targets for the newcommers to aquire.
Aside from its combat training uses it is also an extremely efficent hall for other forms of training such as the art of shadowforging also known as Forgecrafting and training in simply purifying the shadow itself.
Often however the Dojo's greatest focus is combat, nearly twothousand men a day enter this room to train untill the sweat falls from their face and even blood too, for the dojo is a violent place none the less, merciless and rutheless in the art of training to painful and sometimes even lethal points.
The Dojo masters respectivly beleive that before anyone can truley begin the arts they must first imbue them with the perfect daemon spirit to bond with their soul, each spirit reprisents a series of personality traits that either assosiate with one or many different veriants of a similiar form, yet ultimatley suit the needs of the user effectivly enough or perfectly to relate to.
There are eight daemons in total their paintings marked in ancient asian theme'd zodiac on the roof of the dojo, they are as follows:

The Falcon:
The Falcon reprisents a being of patient tranqulity, constantly diciplined and ever suspicous of all beings, always cautious around its companions and always sceptical about people's motives the falcon is concidered a wise daemon bird contrast to its spiritual opposite the Raven, the Falcon however lacks optimism and heavily so, always looking at the negatives of peoples possibilities, however, usually this is because they desire perfect them into possitives making the Falcon a neccicary pessimist.
Special Privlages Of The Falcon:
This daemon spirit offers its eyes to those strong enough to aquire them, once aquired, a blue flame will rise from the person giving them the power to see the unseen and reveal the true intents of others no matter their lies by creating a series of aura's reprisenting purity, corruption or unknown.
A Blue Aura Reprisents A Pure Soul
A Red Aura Reprisents A Corrupt Soul
A Purple Aura Reprisents An Unknown Soul
Markings And Form:
The Falcon is concidered to appear as a great blue spiritual bird surrounded by frozen flames, it has a single pair of eyes and two mouths often speaking the truths and lies of peoples intentions, unlike the other aspects the Falcon rarely tells its marked ones the full truth of a person, often expecting them to discover it for themselves, usually hinting it through Cryptic language and dialect the creature never speaks its mind directly to its hosts.
The Mark of the Falcon is a runic patern lacing three arrows pointing at each other with a tail on each of them curving leftwards and always to the west wind.

The Raven:
The Raven is concidered a fanatic optimist, often beleiving in the greatest of all outcomes contrast to its spiritual rival, it is sometimes concidered a tad igonorant either blindly or blissfully in an attempt to proove others wrong no matter what, the Raven does not seek power or need any for it has great confidence in its own streingth yet often see's others as lesser beings in its way, often getting involved in business they shouldnt the Raven beleives that anyone that should interfere with its own glory is unworthy of its time, however, of one thing you can be certain, as an ally, the Raven is extremely good to have around as quite often they can take on mountains and even surprise people by returning the victor against the odds with only their own power and streingth as their companions.
Special Privlages Of The Raven:
The Raven's blessing is known as the Fire of Terrifying blood, when provoked, the raven is a vicious monsterous bird that ignites the very atmosphere with a blood red flame terrifying its foes and those around it, this aura generates fear and can even be used to throw blood flame upon foes causing them to go psycologically insane, even if they are already insane, few people can truley ressist the wrath of the Raven's hatred for when it is enraged it is difficult to tame the bird.
Markings And Form:
The Raven appears as a black coloured and heavily feathered bird with three layers of eyes, ever vigil and always tempered it always see's the hardest road as the most interesting, the thrill of the challange and the soaring moment of violence is a great reason for the raven to live, it thrives from conflict and thus strives to find as much of it as possible, always giving its host gentle nudges to bring it ever closer to more opertunities to utalise its streingth before others.
The Mark of the Raven is reprisented by a single eye with two curved edges mirroring one another's direction around its eye, this is because the Raven see's the thrill of battle and often sways its host into as many conflicts as possible for the thrill to continue.

((more comming later))
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The War Dojo
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