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 Starwars, the old republic

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PostSubject: Starwars, the old republic   Starwars, the old republic Icon_minitimeFri Dec 12, 2008 2:44 am

Basically, this forum is more intended for SWTOR than SWG though I suppose one could create SWG accounts n stuff but thats not the point nor is there any.

To put it bluntly, this forum topic is more or less about SWTOR, the upcomming bioware mmo that could revolutionise mmo's as we know it, potentially.

Now, im a little stuck here, as im not really sure what to call my guilds and id love any name suggestions that could be given, they'd be perfectly welcome, though ive a good idea what the "theme" of each guild will be to narrow naming down somewhat:

The sith guild basically reprisent a dark council of sorts and more or less cooperate with the demands of the empire, for the most part they do exactly what the truth sith desire but do have a small series of ambitions that could better benefit their own desire for vengance upon the galaxy.

The jedi/republican guild reprisent a unity and somewhat uneasy pact of jedi working together with republicans who have a tense disdain for the jedi but beleive them for the time to be a neccicary ally in keeping the truce between the sith empire and the galactic republic, though their unity is very frail and often has many disagreements as to how to deal with the sith threat.
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Starwars, the old republic
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