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 Chapter one ((Hammeta's book Ranks of Destiny))

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Chapter one ((Hammeta's book Ranks of Destiny)) Empty
PostSubject: Chapter one ((Hammeta's book Ranks of Destiny))   Chapter one ((Hammeta's book Ranks of Destiny)) Icon_minitimeSat Dec 20, 2008 12:33 pm

They didn’t let me see him again as much as I begged them to, not for a few more weeks which felt like eternity, by then the Camp Guardians decision was all over, the sentence confirmed. That was all I was told, or anybody had heard. I had no news till last Monday, when at last I was allowed to set my worn eyes on him. They were holding him in the Keep’s dungeons, the guards outside nodded at me as I passed; I knew I only had a few minutes I knew not to waste it.
The place looked like a stable; as I clutched the thick wooden door carefully trying not to make a sound, as I entered the sickening stench gasped itself down my throat making me cover my dry mouth trying to filter the air before it entered my lungs, straw laid scattered on the floor and a small open drain was in the top right corner of the room, the walls were rough slabs of stone, as damp slime drooled down them slumping to the uneven slabs of stone, a small foot high bed was in the corner, a man lay on top of it he lay still only his dark loving eyes moved scanning the ceiling almost like he was reading a book, his rough and worn hands rested onto of his stomach which moved slowly up and down, like a calm wave with every breath he took, I slowly edged the door shut behind me not letting my sight drift from him, as the door slowly slid shut the sound of a bolt scraping across the wooden door he slowly pulled himself up drawing his legs to his chest, a smile planted onto his face, as I felt those eyes that I fell in love with soared over my body I looked to the floor trying to keep myself from breaking down in front of him, he cocked his head slightly as a heavy sigh left his soft lips, he unhooked his legs and dangled them over the side of the bed, as he slid of the bed, as he shuffled himself upright his strong arms that once clutched my back where laid loosely at his side, my eyes drifted over him eyeing his perfect structure, he slowly walked towards me with every step calling out into the room, he slowly reached for my trembling hands, as I made to attempt to resist he grasped them in a warm embrace he pulled my hands up to his pale lips, he kissed my hands then rubbing his cheek against them, my hands slowly stopped trembling, I suddenly leaned forward kissing them soft lips, as I close my eyes holding my trembling lips to his, as he let go of my hands and replaced them round my back as he pulled off me looking into my eyes then kissing me again. I slowly stroked his cheek as I edged out of the kiss, looking to the floor in a silent apology.
I never wanted this moment to end, for once I wanted time to stand still so I could look upon the man that made me love again, and taught me the true meaning of family, but the darkness came over me again as a hand grasped my upper arm, making me gasp as the grip tightened, as I twisted my head round the soldier that was standing outside looked me in the eyes his green eyes like a vipers venom, as he pulled hard at my arm, as I screamed and tried to pull away, I looked to the man behind me who I wanted to kiss again, as I shouted.
“You wish to see me taken?” He didn’t answer; his eyes said everything, as they drew away from me and filled with sadness sunken by the truth. The young soldier snapped at me yanking again, but I don’t wish to go.
“Its his time, The Guardians are waiting” my eyes widened and looked back at the sorrowed man, shaking my head in disbelief as a sudden scream came out of my mouth that the Leader would weep to hear as I screamed and tried to break free, there were no goodbyes, as a heavy pain slid up the back of my head, my body suddenly turned into a doll slamming to the floor, tears began to stream down my face as I faded out into darkness.

When the light came back into my eyes, the blazing sun looked down on me in pity, my handmade dress littered with mud, as I gazed around me the stench was gone, he was gone, I was outside of the keep again, the large stone structure looking down on my body, casting me into its eternal shadow, as I looked round into the sea of tents, no one was around, like I was stuck in a painting nothing moving, everything that was, is, can be, in my eyes was turned to dust, as a rumble of clapping surrounded me coming from over the keep wall, as an invisible voice echoed through the valley that man everything go silent, as I listened slowly, tears filling up in my terrified eyes filled with tears or hate and sadness, everyone one of those tears told a story.
“The following executions are for those who have broken the ways of the Guardians, by breaking their sacred laws, and so for them it has come to this. This man that you see before you, is a man of the Devil, he has no goodness in his heart,” I shook my head begging that they changed their minds about him “and this is what happens to all as an example to you,” there was silence for a little longer before a slam on the block was heard, then an uproar of cheering filled my ears, as I screamed, screaming, and screaming like a dog howling in pain. Tears rolled down my face,
“I placed my life and my sword by the Society of backstabbing Whores and Foolish men! I placed my love with a man, and God blesses that!” I choked slightly as my tears rushed down my face like a waterfall, as I drew another breath, another breath that I wished that I didn’t have and screamed and Screamed, screaming my heart out, “I wished to spend eternity with him, but the Law and God himself has deceived me, and God himself is making me suffer if this is his work, then I say God is Dead! Do you hear me? God... Is… Dead! I am now alone! Like the Cell you imprisoned me in, you have locked me away… Forever”
I slowly crouched over holding in my stomach, my heart was throbbing I felt truly hopeless.

[center]Chapter one ((Hammeta's book Ranks of Destiny)) Gragon11

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Chapter one ((Hammeta's book Ranks of Destiny))
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