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Welcome to Are Rorrim the fictional world filled between fantasy and cyberpunk alike, a variation for everyone weather you like guns or sorcerors you will be bound to find something of interest :)
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 Darth Siez

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PostSubject: Darth Siez   Tue Mar 24, 2009 9:11 am

Darth Siez

(I take no credit for this image, it is not mine in any form.)

'A life without controll is a short one... A life without power is a worthless one...
Only through the path of self-divination may one gain true controll over ones counterpart and yourself.
Bring cleansing chaos to theire weakening peace'

Darth Siez

'The jedi are the defilers and unworthy users of the force.. Surpressing and rejecting all that comes natural to a mortal beeing... Hate, pain, grief... What makes these less important than love, happines and satesfaction?
There is a reason for many of the jedi succumbing to the dark side so often...
Not just because of the jedis weakness.. but of the logic that overcomes many as they reach the peak of intelligence.

One must ask ourselves... If the force is the one binding entity in our world... why reject it? Why not embrace it?
It roots out, at early age of teachings under the dark side, whom is not strong enough... Do the jedi not accept the gift because they fear they will be deemed unworthy?

The mistake so many of my brethren make is letting themselves wither due to letting the force shape them as it wishes... Its unstable power needs not to be let free...
Nor should it be held back...
But it needs to be formed into a sphere within you... the perfect shape.
Maintaining this, one may reach the upmost heights.'
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PostSubject: Re: Darth Siez   Fri Dec 18, 2009 3:38 am

:3 im glad to see you took time considering his look, really cool.
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Darth Siez
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