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Welcome to Are Rorrim the fictional world filled between fantasy and cyberpunk alike, a variation for everyone weather you like guns or sorcerors you will be bound to find something of interest :)
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PostSubject: Raeven Kadros   Raeven Kadros Icon_minitimeTue Mar 24, 2009 10:08 am

"Do I lead, or Do I follow?, where does my destiny lay, I follow a master who seeks to maintain the stream of our nature, but is mine the same?, do I strive to be tamed or uncaged?, I know not, I know only vengance, yet what to do with this gift I learned so passionatley?"

"I do not know, my father would have me tame it, serve my needs cautiously, but I see the truth, I am being used, caged like a beast for some mans ravenous desire to become a reality. I am no pawn, but I will follow for now, so long as the glory of the Empire is the only thing that springs to question, the answer will become clear soon enough"

"yet one question remains, Compassion, I am to have such a feeling and yet I am burdained with it, a servitor and a slave and yet equally a sovereign and saviour of the people, I do not truley know my path today, but perhaps tommorow it will be ever more clear to me, perhaps..."
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