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 A beginning ..of sorts <Open> ^^

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A beginning ..of sorts  <Open> ^^ Empty
PostSubject: A beginning ..of sorts <Open> ^^   A beginning ..of sorts  <Open> ^^ Icon_minitimeSat Mar 28, 2009 4:52 pm

((Warning: my first time back into forum rp, so expect quality to be a bit shoddy until i get back into the swing of it))

The bar wasn't exactly one of the best, nor was it the one where those seeking a quiet drink would go, no, this bar was one of those where people went for infomation, to forget , a fight or two and for a bloody good cocktail.
Its damp, dreary interior was lit by what little natural light could enter through the sky lights that were covered by a constant thick cloud that came from the foul tobbaco that some of the customers smoked.
Its corner's were darkened, often occupied by those wishing to have more privacy than the more open seats at the bar.
Cira was sat in one of these corners, hell, it was the only place where she wouldn't be bugged or watched by some scum-bag's looking for ,as they said, a good time.
She stirred her violent green cocktail idley with a finger as she watched various customer's of the bar come and go through the entrance, you saw all type's of people coming to this place..some better than others, and if it was someone she was contracted to look for, one way or another..they ended up here...

She nudged a stray lock of her layered dark red hair out of her eyes which scanned over towards the bar.
It had been slow recently, she hadn't been contacted by any contracter's, it seemed like no-one was required to be watched or ..taken care of, nothing to look for, and this made her bored.
Maybe she shouldn't have killed the previous one, he had been getting too friendly and he hadn't payed her..what did he expect? These things were common knowledge, if you don't pay with credits...then expect the wasn't as though they weren't warned..
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A beginning ..of sorts  <Open> ^^ Empty
PostSubject: Re: A beginning ..of sorts <Open> ^^   A beginning ..of sorts  <Open> ^^ Icon_minitimeWed Apr 01, 2009 12:26 am

From the entrance of the bar the door swung open, those around momentarily gazed to behold the newcommer as a dark robed figure simply stepped in carefully and sat by Cira, his hand lifted as a masked voice simply said "tarisian ale, now" in a demanding tone
He took a moment to glare at her, from under the hood she would likley make out a pair of sith like eyes, as he simply turned back to the bartender passing him a glass of ale, another man approached and prodded the sith's back harshly shouting "hey pal, no hoods aloud, cant you read?" the sith simply ignored him, before the man pushed harder "Hey! moron! we dont have no hoodwearing freaks in this bar, get outa here!" the sith paused a moment before reaching for his saber, turning it on as the man stepped back from its powerful red glow, he approached as the barkeeper stuttered "a-...a Sith?, we dont want no trouble here buddy, just... take your business and go" the sith stood there a moment, looking around at the company he had drawn attention to, narrowing his eyes as he seethed the saber, the man sighed in releif as the sith turned away, his eyes narrowed as he leapt for him with a vibro knife, screaming loudly as the sith turned a second time, impaling the man straight through the chest in mid air, before seething the blade again, the thug fell to the ground, dead
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A beginning ..of sorts <Open> ^^
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