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 Abbadons Nightmare, The First Sign...

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Abbadons Nightmare, The First Sign... Empty
PostSubject: Abbadons Nightmare, The First Sign...   Abbadons Nightmare, The First Sign... Icon_minitimeWed Dec 23, 2009 5:09 am

There was almost never a moment for a master of chaos to rest. Abbadon, lord of the black legion, ruler of chaos marines in their wholeness however, had let the toxin from his power armour pumps nullify his mind enough to relax him.
Dreams of chaos usually made no sense, often lucid and tamed by those who dwelled in them, save when the gods wished to toy with their servants.
This dream however, was no dream, this, was disturbing. He found himself in the very VAT he was grown from, the very seed that gave him birth. He had been strapped restrainingly in his warped armour, as he saw through the glass, a face was glaring straight at him.
It was the one whos flesh he had been born from, the one whos legend was born from the near death of his father. Horus himself.
"I would like my affects back, champion." he said, patiently as his hand reached corporeally through the glass, Abbadons eye widened as it paused at his face, the same taloned arm that was attached to his own gauntlet.
"Including" Horus paused, then lashed at him "yourself!"
Abbadon woke with a shuddering shock, the toxins had taken too much pressure and allowed him to dwell into rest. His beloved ship lay stationed above the planet Soras V, part of the Selon system, recently discovered close to the eye of terror itself.
He remembered why he was here, the war was continueing, this time however, it was about to reach its first real pinnacle. An event that could actually shape the outcome of every race possible, was about to begin.
Armageddon, in the system of Selon.
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Abbadons Nightmare, The First Sign...
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