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 (Race Restricted) Seeing the unseen

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(Race Restricted) Seeing the unseen Empty
PostSubject: (Race Restricted) Seeing the unseen   (Race Restricted) Seeing the unseen Icon_minitimeWed Dec 23, 2009 8:39 am

Soras III, jungle tropica, lush detail, beautiful place...
And full of danger.

It is said that the Eldar investigate the planet for signs of an ancient warpgate thought to be lost. The gate in question would be vital for their forces to possition themselves here. Many of the craft worlds are gathering for a most unusual and unpredictable alliance, ready to make the stand of a century, and decimate their nemesis, the necrons in a glorious final stand.

With so much devistated, the Eldar race stands at a dangerous brink of oblivion, one that evidently, the Necrons will quite likley exploit.

But there is more than one neferius force here intent on exploiting the warp-gate should it be found...

The Eldar's twisted breathren, the Dark Eldar, have sunk through the warp cautiously and evaded detection so far, having infiltrated the planet they could sabotage the warp-gate to work for them, and use this opertunity to enthrall their remaining kin with the largest pirate fleet to date.

While they do this, the Necrons however, have other plans, they intend to bluntly destroy the gate, after all, the Eldar would simply become a nuisence if they were allowed to hinder the C'tan.

Destiny awaits these three races, which one will find the gate first in this lush jungle planet, and which one will conquer the others?

That... is up to them...

((Eldar/Dark Eldar/Necron's only))
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(Race Restricted) Seeing the unseen
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