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 (Race Restricted) (Event) Empire At War

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(Race Restricted) (Event) Empire At War Empty
PostSubject: (Race Restricted) (Event) Empire At War   (Race Restricted) (Event) Empire At War Icon_minitimeWed Dec 23, 2009 8:48 am

The empire is in perilous confusion. Constant rumors and gossip mongers spread myth that a civil war is imbound imminently, it is true to its word. Nuln, Nordheim, Ostland and the Ostermark have betrayed the empire for the benefit of their own nations. A strong rebellion has been formed and while Hochland remains passive, the remaining nations rally to stand against it.

Bretonnia, the Empires closest human nation looks concernedly to its borders, and it is said that there knighthoods are rallying to form a great crusade that will take them through the perilously civil war torn Empire. They know the trouble of having to pass through a wartorn land, and from there they will have to find their way into the heart of chaos itself, the wastes northbound are their destination after all.

Kislev stands dangerously close to siding with the rebellion, at a knifes edge decision as to remaining a strong ally to the Empire or to avoid the war all together, Kislev is strongly concerned with the upcomming Horde of Chaos rallied by Norscans once again.
The Tzaresa has declared for now they are neutral, but should either rebel or empire decide to bother them with a difficult situation, their scenerio could be turned to the favour of the opposing faction.

Meanwhile, the forces of chaos work silently to usurp the Empire from within, dark cults dedicated to Tzeentch and Slaneesh pray on the weakness of human greed. Many minds can easily be bought or simply seduced, for a price.

It is a dark time for the empire, one that threatens to destroy it forever, will they survive this terrible ordeal, or has the final hammerblow struck for the empire?

That is for them to fight for, and endure, or fall against the tide of upcomming darkness.

((Empire, Rebels, Bretonia, Kislev and Chaos Cultists Permitted))
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(Race Restricted) (Event) Empire At War
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