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 Seeing the unseen, shadows of the tropic

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Seeing the unseen, shadows of the tropic Empty
PostSubject: Seeing the unseen, shadows of the tropic   Seeing the unseen, shadows of the tropic Icon_minitimeMon Dec 28, 2009 4:43 pm

Warlock Dolsar marched with the company of his council, the land was vicious. Indiginous creatures of saurean like appearence marched ferociously across the terrain, he had already seen one make a meal of a young guardian.
He would mourn for his loss, when the time was right.
For now however, the council were cautious to use the wind itself and speed their souls through the glades of wonder. Countless beauty lay in this tropical lush, blooming across countless sects of land. Above however, the battlefleets of every galaxy could be seen in constant skirmish forever locked in a deadly duel between the smoke green clouds of the atmosphere.
Shruiken Pistol drawn, the warlock dared to travel further when he felt a strange sensasion, a pulsating beating in his mind.
Something of a psyker was close.
Raising his arm, the others knelt swiftly as their spears were primed for an ambush, gracefully glowing with the runes of Khaine.
The runes did burn with an orange ember as oval shaped stones blazed in the wraithbone weapons.
They leapt from their cover, catching unaware their foe, a stray tyranid seeker cluster as they caught them between sharp beams of shruiken pistols and the tips of their wraithspears.
His eyes gazed through his visor with a feirce flame as Khaines fire burned in his soul. He felt the call of war burn his heart as he span his spear in a rapid twist, imbedding it gracefully through the skull of a foe.
Another did leap upon him, swiftly he kicked the gaunt from his body and rammed his shruiken pistol to is head, coldly firing upon it.
His actions were perfectly calculated, as his hand aura'd with a mighty flame he unleashed his fury, the spear glowing with a bright fire as it blazed outwards like a marine flamer, igniting several gaunts as they squirmed around and turned to ash.
His psyker foe revealed itself, a floating tendriled creature which he did not hesitate to dispose of, lunging upon it, its psyker power repelled him back primativley. He had cursed himself for not thinking simply as it lashed at him, A sudden sharp beam flew through its skull gracefully.
Its body did shudder as it crashed to the floor, ceasing to hover as it spasmed a moment longer.
A ranger did appear from the vale of the wild as the visor flipped back on their helmet, it was a woman.
She stepped to the foe and few a wraithbone knife before jamming it into the side of its head coldly, giving it a swift death. She halted, then turned to the warlock.
"You have come upon dangerous land, for one such as you should know the way of this place better than I, I am surprised it was I who came to your resque and not you who came to mine." She said, her tounge intreagued.
The warlock flipped his visor down, exposing his face, he was young admittingly for his training, new to his art, he had learned years but only truley fought minor skirmishes till now.
His Eldar eyes shone with Khaines fire, as if the very god of war was there himself, redness burned in them almost making his real eyes invisible behind them. Hair was difficult to see from the visor, but his eyebrows were a reddish brown.
His saviour was a raven haired youth. Her ponytail appeared from behind her helmet, something she had clearly valued in some way as she had taken care to groom it well. Her eyes were blue, her gaze, cold.
"I am Ranger Seyrala, and I will not be there to protect you again I trust?" She spoke as if she was giving him an order an order Dolsar did not refuse her the right to command.
"You are right to assume so, I thank you for your assistance, though it was unnecicary. Have you a mission? We may be able to benefit each others task?" He offered as pennance for his duty.
She pondered, rubbing her chin a moment.
"Hmm" she muttered slowly "It would benefit us to have one who is adept with the Psyker powers, though I would have hoped for a Farseer, a Warlock is capable of the task. You will aid us."
He didnt know to be insulted or not, but he did not press the matter, he had been given instruction and so he complied, what ever fate had in store for him, her decision would lead his future.
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Seeing the unseen, shadows of the tropic
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