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 A Basic List Of Races

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PostSubject: A Basic List Of Races   A Basic List Of Races Icon_minitimeSat Apr 26, 2008 6:46 am

For now this is sort of just to help us get started with races anyway:
Favoured Factions=Basically who likes them Primary being highest, Secondary being not quite as much
Least Favoured=Frowned upon, or rarely seen, Primary this time reprisents the race that dislikes them the most, Secondary being not so much
Not Favoured=Race cannot play as that faction

The oftenly most common seen of races, they are a folk of average life spam, average intelegence, average everything really, there are no disadvantages or advantages of being a human.
Racial Advantages: None
Racial Disadvantages: None
Humans have no Faction restrictions.

Half Breeds:
Half breeds are a combination of two races, they share the traits and curses of each race they are combined with, this makes them especially versitile but efficently speaking the most double edged of races.
Half Breeds are frowned upon by CCCP and The Illuminate Especially, thus it is not recommended to play one as those factions.

A race of pale skinned long eared humanoids with tall postures, these creatures live a longer than normal lifespam than most races, they also have alot more flexibility due to their agile nature, however Elves lack the physical endurance of the other races, making them easily vulnerable when ever they are hurt.
Race Advantages: Agile (Swifter Movement/Evasion), Long Lifespam (Fatigue Drain is slower)
Racial Disavantages: Elven Endurance (Low Physical Ressistance), Elven Physique (Can only carry light class weaponry)
Elves have no Faction restrictions.

The technologically born Aesir might appear like humans to the common eye but they are actually something far more complex, their entire body is made of technological augments reprisented by glowing runic like wires across their body, their heart, is immortal, allowing them to survive even the most impossible blows, however. Aesir hearts are also a double edged sword, meaning that if removed from the Aesir, they would instantly perish.
Racial Advantages: Heart Of The Titan (can regenerate even after being physically killed "Provided" that the heart is still there), Intelectual Mentality (Higher IQ factor than other races meaning that they can use "high tech" weapons)
Racial Disadvantages: Deus Ex Machinema (Aesir require their heart to survive, if removed they are instantly killed and can only be revived if the old heart is reattached (provided it hasnt been destroyed)
Favoured Faction/s: N.O.R.D (Primary) CCCP, TAT (Secondary)
Least Favoured: Shining Illuminate (Primary) Order Of The Holy Flame (Secondary)

Another human like race, whos eyes constantly glow with endlessly divine energy, these creatures known as the Archon's live off the power of Zeal, a righteous energy that infuses their very soul with life, however, Archon's power denies them the ability to use magic, thus meaning they are only capable of using the power of faith.
Racial Advantages: Zealious Pious (Higher Faith Generation than other races), Soul Of Purity (Enables them to heal wounds including their own using their racial power, can only be used once a day)
Racial Disadvantages: Magus Mortis (They cannot use magic, at all, due to their racial advantage of high faith powers), Technological Inferiority (Their understanding of technology is equally as poor, thus they cannot use "high tech" weaponry)
Favoured Faction/s: Order Of The Holy Flame (Primary), TAT (Secondary)
Least Favoured: N.O.R.D (Primary) CCCP (Secondary)
Not Favoured: Shining Illuminate

This species was once human, or what appears to be, twisted by its darker and vicious idealism it seems that their appearence is warped to form several runic patterns on the sides of their eyes, always compleatly black with unique coloured outlines for each of them, aside from this, their eyes are compleatly black, save their iris, which spookily remains compleatly colourless, or White, due to their tampering with magic they are naturally able to harvest it from the very floor if need be however, they lack the power of zeal compleatly as the gods have long abbandoned mutations of science.
Racial Advantages: Novus Ordo Seclorum (a power given to them to do exceedingly high amounts of magical damage, may only be used once a day), Arcane Essense (Daemoniacs are naturally born with arcane energy, thus they have full affinity to magical power)
Racial Disadvantages: Curse of Science: They are compleatly unable to wield the power of zeal, Animus Vitae: Due to being augmented results of science, Daemoniacs are vulnerable to the effects of Zeal.
Favoured Faction/s: Shining Illuminate (Primary) NORD (Secondary)
Least Favoured: TAT (Primary) CCCP (Secondary)
Not Favoured: Order Of The Holy Flame

These beastial men are often given the terminology "Orcs" due to their strange green appearence, and their abnormally long fangs, Greenkin are not to be underestimated, they are certainly not the brightest of crayons in the box, but that doesnt mean they dont have a clue whats being said to them, Greenkins have the most brutal of physical power amoung all races, however, they are not truley understanding of the concepts of faith, or magic, though still technology isnt above their understanding.
Racial Advantages: Savage Fury: (The physique of the Greenkin is dramatically stronger than most other races) Barbaric Endurance: (As is their ability to ressist the blows of physical attacks, they are as hard as a titanium wall, and deliver the blow of one too)
Racial Disadvantages: Doubters Of Faith: (Due to their inquisitive nature of things, their minds are far too logical for the concept of faith, thus the power of zeal is limited to them) Deniers of Magic: (Again, due to their reasoning and logic they take little interest in magical power, thus, magical energy is lesser in them than most other races)
Favoured Faction/s: NORD, TAT, CCCP (Primary)
Least Favoured: Shining Illuminate (Primary) Order Of The Holy Flame (Secondary)

Klovis (Female Only Species):
These creatures are fair protectors of nature, oddly enough they take a very slender dryad like appearence while wearing flowery objects to conceal parts of their bodies that may be exposed, these creatures are naturally friendly to natural things and highly opposed to the unnatural, they reproduce through pollonating the land through their bodily neck collars, these creatures naturally gain an affinity to magic, and even some ideals of zeal, but despise technology with a passion, as a last note, to the dissapointment of some they are compleatly celibate.
Racial Advantages: Bloom of life: (able to regenerate the wounds of others over medium periods of time through the use of natural herbs from their own bodies), Peace of mind: (their tranquil nature allows them to passivly increase their zeal and magical power by a small amount
Racial Disadvantages: Unnatural Hatred: (Due to their arrogant desire to oppose technology, Klovis cannot use any form of medium/high technology based weaponry), Corruptive Weakness: (Due to Klovis being born of nature, technology becomes no less than their bane, thus they are somewhat vulnerable to technological energy)
Favoured Faction/s: Order Of The Holy Flame (Primary) Shining Illuminate (Secondary)
Least Favoured: CCCP (Primary) TAT (Secondary)
Not Favoured: NORD

Forgeborne (Male Only Species):
This race of crafted creatures seem to be shaped like humans made of pure metalic substances, some made of bronze, others of iron and gold and many other materials, however, their race creation doesnt seem to be the question but their mysteriously unemotional nature, as handsome as they appear at a first glance they are as cold as black ice inside, they are almost built to perform the task that is requested of them, rather than question their existance or the reason they follow orders from anything, although some very few exceptions are renegade to this, very few indeed, many beleive the entire race builds their own children and raises them into mindless subserviance for what ever nefarious or beneficial perpouses their masters or mistresses would have them perform.
Racial Advantages: Body Of Metal: (A natural bonus to physical damage due to their natural skin), Essense Of Elementium: (able to ressist some magical and zeal based damage)
Racial Disadvantage: Construct: (Due to their bodies being built and not created, they cannot regenerate their limbs, only reconstruct them from scratch), Hygrophobia: (A weakness to water based magical or technological equipment)
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A Basic List Of Races
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