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 Kriegfaust Grand Marshal: Vanessa Lausmarch

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PostSubject: Kriegfaust Grand Marshal: Vanessa Lausmarch   Kriegfaust Grand Marshal: Vanessa Lausmarch Icon_minitimeThu May 01, 2008 6:03 am

Race: Human
Class: Noble
Faction: CCCP
Age: 41
Atop her head is a jet black commanders cap with an imperial red layer between the jet black visor and the jet black cap itself, underneeth this one can make out her scarlet red hair leaning over one of her deep ivy green eyes. Sometimes one might mistake her eyecolour for something more of a scarlet red itself, given the way she gazes at them so eagerly, almost as if she was ready to rip them apart with her bare hands.
However, her hands, like the rest of her are certainly not bare or exposed, she wears a coal black trenchcoat surrounding her from top to bottom, with imperial red trimmings. Underneeth the coat she wears an army cameo shirt with patterns of red in multiple tones along it, her skin below it exposed to her bellybutton before reaching her combat belt. Her belt is an imperial red tone with the crest of the CCCP imbeded into it in a bronzed metal, finally, reaching the lowest point, her trenchcoat leaves her obsidian black jeans exposed, leading down to a pair of military jet black boots.
She also wears red fingernail polish seen on her bare hands, however, those who see it closley enough realise that it is actually blood, most likley spilled from her enemies, also drenched onto her uncleaned metalic pistol, while most of it still remains silver, she seems to keep the blooded marks all over it as some kind of war trophie.

Vanessa Lausmarch was only young when she joined the Black Rose, adapting to the idea very swiftly she initiated a campaign of desolation and destruction resulting in victory after victory, she was swiftly promoted through the ranks untill she became apart of the Kriegfaust brigade, now she is their current Grand Marshal, no one argues with Vanessa, after all, to argue with your superiour is to sign your own death wish.

Battle Bonuses:

Forced March: While Vanessa is on the field of battle, CCCP reinforcement supplies during attack's are instant, rather than taking a single day due to her sheer brutal desire to achieve a swift victory.

Blood Crazed Marshal: This may seem like a negative effect due to the fact that her own troops loose a portion of their morale due to it, but while on the battlefield, Vanessa impliaments the rage of her ambitious desire for war, ruthlessly increasing her forces attacking streingth dramatically in exchange for their poor morale.

Persuasive Negociation: While Vanessa is present, she may execute as many as a hundred troops in order to "encorage" troop morale to remain strong, by forceing her soldiers to fight in combat, she sees the benefit of making them feel persuaded to fight rather than caring for how they feel about it.

Note: Vanessa Lausmarch does not count as a character, rather a leader figure, thus fighting her would be concidered insane.
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Kriegfaust Grand Marshal: Vanessa Lausmarch
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